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Lot 46 - Alfred François Gues (geb.1837), Les Pages Indiscrets, 19th C.

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Oil on panel
France, 2nd half of the 19th century
Alfred François Gues (b. 1837) - French Painter
Signed lower right ‘A. Gues’
Dimensions: 32 x 23 cm
Good Condition
Provenance: Private collection, Berlin
Narrative scene with two eavesdropping bell boys, whose representation of clothing and all the details was done in impressive realistic manner; paintings by the artist fetch up to €5,400 at international auctions

Offered here is a painting by the French painter François Alfred Gues. Gues created historicizing genre paintings and interiors, continuing the so called ‘style troubadour’ in which idealized and romanticized subjects from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance were represented during the early 19th century. One characteristic feature of Gues’ paintings is the very accurate and detailed representation, in which he was guided by the paintings of Ernest Meissonier.

The painting is signed lower right ‘A. Gues’ and is in overall good condition with only fine surface scratches in the center and small color flaking in the lower right corner. Otherwise overall of good impression.
The image measures 32 x 23 cm.

Alfred François Gues (b.1837)

Alfred Gues François was born in Montargis/Loire in 1837. He was a student of Charles Gleyre. His historicizing genre paintings in the ‘style troubadour’ were exhibited between 1869-88 in the Salon Société Française and from 1901 in the Salon Societe Nationale. As for his precise and realistic depiction he was guided by the paintings of Ernest Meissonier.
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