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Artprecium is a brand of the MILLON group created in 2011. Artprecium was created as a result of the meeting of three auctioneers and an Asian art consultancy firm. Associate Auctioneers Cécile Dupuis After training at Drouot for four years, Cécile graduated as an auctioneer in 2001. She became a certified auctioneer in Orleans in 2002, where she organised general sales of paintings, furniture and art objects. She has been in charge of sales management at Artprecium Asium since 2011. Alexandre Millon Alexandre has led SVV Millon and Associates for 10 years. SVV Millon and Associates organises over 80 auction sales per year in Paris and Brussels. Lucas Tavel Having clerked for Jacques Tajan in a premier French practice (Tajan Practice), Lucas created the Tavel and Simon expert assessment office located in the heart of Paris in 2004. In 2006, he opened an office in Marseille, to cover the South of France. He created Artprecium in 2008, a leading independent website dedicated to online expert assessment and auctions.


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