Auction La maison florentine d'un collectionneur milanais at Maison Bibelot : 789 lots
14 June 2021  -  789 lots

The Florentine House of a Milanese collector at Maison Bibelot

Maison Bibelot Corso Italia 6 Firenze IT

Important: we do not accept bids under the starting bid

Maison Bibelot : The Florentine House of a Milanese collector 14 June 2021  
Maison Bibelot : The Florentine House of a Milanese collector 14 June 2021  

Information on the auction

Corso Italia 6 Firenze
The 14 Juin at 13h00
Frais / Buyer's premium : 25%TTC

Important: we do not accept bids under the starting price (prezzo di partenza)

Pour tout renseignement, veuillez contacter la Maison de ventes au : +39 (0) 55 29 50 89 /

Buyer's premium

Les frais par défaut pour cette vente s’élèvent à 25% TTC

Viewing date

Le 5, 6, 7, 8 et 9 juin de 10h a 13h et de 15h à 19h

Conditions of sale

Condizioni di Vendita

MAISON BIBELOT Srl acts as an agent with representation of those, the Principals,which deliver works for the auction or by private
treaty. The effects of the sale directly affect Seller-Principal and the Buyer, without taking other liability on the part of MAISON
BIBELOT Srl other than pursuant to the mandate received
The MAISON BIBELOT Srl assumes against the Sellers and Buyers-Principals only the responsibilities arising from that capacity.
Information for Buyers - General Conditions of Sale

1. Bidder Registration
To buy at auction you must register your personal details (valid identity document, social security number and bank references)
before the sale, in the days of exhibition or through the website By registering, the purchaser expressly
declares under its own responsibility to have read the General Conditions of Sale of MAISON BIBELOT Srl and to have them fully
accepted. Sales shall be awarded to the highest bidder and are for cash. Participation in the auction is personal. The payer must be the
successful tenderer. The possible participation in the name and on behalf of third parties must be expressly authorized in writing by
MAISON BIBELOT Srl, which may for that purpose require the filing of a certified proxy and appropriate bank reference.

2. Goods subject to sale
The goods object of the auction or private treaty will rarely be, because of their own nature and their antiquity, in a perfect condition
and may have signs of wear, defects, other defects, restorations or repairs. The Buyer of such goods is aware that they are used goods
and therefore can present flaws described above and may be the subject of the actions described above. We always recommend the
direct view of the work in order to determine characteristics, the actual state, the state of preservation, the size, the quality, the
authenticity, attribution and provenance of the works. In the case of lots of special value, we suggest you to benefit from the advice
of a restorer or a trusted adviser before making an offer. Buyers assume responsibility for their own choices and accept the eventual
interventions and defects that, at the time of conclusion of the contract were known or readily recognizable, or that you could not
ignore with due diligence. Authenticity, attribution and provenance of lots on sale are declared by the Principal-Seller, who assumes
responsibility for the statements. MAISON BIBELOT Srl does not carry out checks and controls in this regard.

3. Pre-auction Viewing
The auction is preceded by several days of exhibition during which the Sales Director and experts of MAISON BIBELOT Srl will be
available to Customers for any information about the lots in auction, and to provide a condition report of a particular lot. All
statements by us in the catalogue entry for the property or in the condition report, or made orally or in writing elsewhere, are
statements of opinion and are not to be relied on as statements of fact. Such statements do not constitute a representation, warranty or
assumption of liability by us of any kind. Any statement regarding author, attribution, date, origin, provenance and conditions is an
opinion and not a fact. The exhibition aims to take full, complete and thorough understanding of the characteristics of the state of use,
the state of preservation, the actual size and in general of all the quality of the works, including the authenticity, attribution and
origin. As already described in paragraph no. 2 of the above document, lots rarely
found in a perfect state: and that by their very nature, since they are used goods. It follows the importance of participation in the
exhibition and the importance of a careful and conscious vision of the lots during the exhibition days. For this reason, in order to
allow conscious purchases, MAISON BIBELOT Srl recommends potential Buyers to view lots personally or to have them inspected
by third parties - at their own expense - during the days of exhibition.

4. Descriptions in the catalogue
The images, drawings, descriptions and definitions of individual lots contained in the catalogue are purely indicative and constitute
mere expression of opinion. The same statements are not science and therefore cannot generate any kind of custody or take the
collateral value. References to the conditions of the works contained in the catalogue may not be complete and exhaustive description
of the state of the same. Any statement regarding the author, the work attribution, date, origin, provenance and condition is an
opinion and not a fact. In the description of the lots, the experts of MAISON BIBELOT Srl assess the state of conservation in
accordance with the object estimate and the auction nature in which it is inserted. Any statement on the physical nature of the lot and
its conditions in the catalogue, in the condition report or elsewhere is done with honesty and attention but is not science statements:
any statement regarding the author, the work attribution, date, origin, provenance and conditions is an opinion and not a fact.

5. Absentee Bids
MAISON BIBELOT Srl accepts written offers and reservations for telephone participation by those who cannot be physically in the
auction room. To access this mode of purchase is necessary to register at the offices of MAISON BIBELOT Srl releasing their
personal details, a photocopy of a photo ID, social security number and bank references. The lots will be purchased at the lowest
possible price on the basis of other offers on the same lots and reserve prices recorded by MAISON BIBELOT Srl. In the event of
equal amount bids, the first one placed will have the priority. The offers are accepted within 6 pm of the day before the sale. Only
verbal communications will not be considered valid. MAISON BIBELOT S.r.l reserves the right to not accept telephone bids only for
lots with less than € 100.00 assessment. Even if Buyers cannot be present during the sale, it is understood that the objects were
carefully inspected during the days of exhibition. Please read carefully
paragraphs no. 2 - 3 - 4. MAISON BIBELOT Srl will not be liable for errors or failuresin executing absentee bids.

6. Auctioneer
During the auction, the auctioneer, director of sales, has the right to join or separate, or change the order of the lots. If any complaint
arises between two or more bidders, the disputed lot may be put up for sale again in the same session on the basis of the last accepted
bid at the discretion of the auctioneer.

7. Hammer Price
The hammer price is the price at which the lot is awarded at auction by the auctioneer to the purchaser or, in the case of private sale,
the price agreed between MAISON BIBELOT Srl and the Buyer, net of auction fee and VAT.

8. Buyer’s Premium
In addition to the hammer price the Buyer has to pay an auction fee, for each lot, 25% of the hammer price up to € 100,000.00 and
22% from 100,001.00 and over, inclusive of VAT and income taxes. For motor vehicles the auction commission will be 15% on the
hammer price, inclusive of VAT and income tax expenses (see paragraph 9).

9. Value added tax
The VAT payable by the Buyer is 22% on net auction fees. Therefore, the final price consists of award amount and an overall
percentage of 22% or 15% depending on the types of lots (see paragraph no. 8).

10. Lots marked in the catalogue
Lots marked with (*) have been entrusted by VAT Entities and therefore are subject to VAT as follows: 22% of the net proceeds
from auction and 22% on the hammer price.

11. Online Auctions
General Conditions of Sale are valid also for this kind of sale, but registration must be made through the website of MAISON
BIBELOT Srl starting from the day on which the auction begins. Our online auctions, being preceded by viewing, are not subject to
the right of withdrawal (Art. 15 Legislative Decree n. 185 of 22/05/99). The offices of MAISON BIBELOT Srl are available to
Customers, for clarification and information. The Buyer is obliged to make payment of purchases within the indicated deadline.

12. Transfer of ownership
Ownership is transferred to the Buyer at the time of award. When prescribed by the relevant regulations, burden and costs are borne
by the Buyer, in order to have the change of ownership (perfecting) recorded in public register.

13. Payment
Payment can be made:
(a) in cash up to € 2,999.99
(b) in agreement with MAISON BIBELOT Srl, bank draft or bank check subject to verification with the Institute emission payable to
(c) Debit or credit cards
(d) by bank transfer to Intesa Sanpaolo SpA – P.ze della Porta al Prato Firenze - IT91J0306902992100000005683 IBAN - BIC:
If payment is made in cash, by check, by credit card, the goods acquired are immediately made available to the Buyer; in all other
cases they will be made available to the Buyer after the verification of successful completion of the payment. Should the successful
Bidder fail to pay entirely within the terms established in this article, MAISON BIBELOT Srl can demand completion or termination
of the contract, after notice to comply; in any case the damages and the payment of the auction fee and any expenses already incurred
will be enforced.

14. Collection of purchased lots
Unless otherwise stated, collection will be possible upon payment at the offices of MAISON BIBELOT Srl. Should the payment fail,
MAISON BIBELOT Srl It has the right to refuse delivery. Cost of packing, transport and insurance are borne by the Buyer. On
MAISON BIBELOT Srl may suggest the name of a transporter, but this shall not imply any responsibility for MAISON BIBELOT
Srl. For lots not removed within the period established MAISON BIBELOT Srl reserves the right to transfer them at the expense and
risk of the successful tenderer at a warehouse of its choice.

15. Export Permits
Export of objects more than 50 years old is subject to the release of a Certificate of Free Circulation from the competent Authority.
Maison Bibelot does not take any responsibility towards the purchaser as for any possible export restriction of the objects knocked
down, nor concerning any possible license or certificate to be obtained according to the Italian law. Should the above-mentioned
authorisation not be granted the Purchase of the lot/s is not nullified, neither is the payment of the lot/s, unless prior agreement with
Maison Bibelot was made before the auction. For goods possibly subjected to notification from the Italian State, in accordance to the
Legislative Decree no. 42 of 22 January 2004 (Code of the Cultural and Landscape Heritage) and following changes, Buyers are
beholden by law to observe all existing legislative dispositions on the matter and, in case the State exercises its pre-emptive right,
cannot expect from Maison Bibelot or the Vendor any reimbursement or eventual interest on commission on the knock down price
already paid. The export of lots by the buyers, both resident and not resident in Italy, is regulated by the above mentioned law and the
other custom, financial and tax rules in force. The export outside the European Community is subject to the rules provided by the
EEC Regulation no. 391/92 of 9 December 1992, as amended by Regulation EEC no. 2469/96 of 16 December 1996 and the EEC
Regulation no. 974/01 of 14 May 2001.
After the sale, we recommend buyers to contact our Client Service with the purchase in order to obtain the quotation for the shipping
and exportation papers. For further information please contact

15. Complaints
Buyers' complaints must be filed in writing by registered mail a/r addressed to MAISON BIBELOT Srl Florence Italy Corso Italia n.
6 within and not later than eight days from the auction date, and will be examined by an expert appointed by MAISON BIBELOT
Srl. Should the complaint be accepted, MAISON BIBELOT Srl will return to the Buyer only and exclusively the sum actually paid
by him.

16. Disputes
In the event of litigation, all controversies concerning the sales activity at MAISON BIBELOT are regulated by the Court of
Florence, except for the case where the rules are applicable pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (Consumer Code).
Meneanings of terms used in our catalogues
Terminologies and their explanations by the library catalogue and below are reported are purely indicative and constitute simple
expression of opinion. The same statements are not science and cannot generate any kind of custody or of liability. The Buyer is
therefore aware of being required to ensure and to verify - personally and/or through third party experts of his choice at his own
expense - the lots and, in particular, their authenticity, attribution, provenance, size, texture , quality, features, state of use and
NAME of the ARTIST according to us, a possible work of the artist mentioned
ASCRIBED TO we think that it could be a work of the artist mentioned, completely or partially;
WORKSHOP OF/SCHOOL OF according to us, the work was made by an unknown person working in the workshop of the
mentioned artist, which can have been created under the direction or not of the artist or in the years following his death;
CIRCLE OF according to us, the work was created by an unknown hand, not necessarily a disciple of the mentioned artist;
DISCIPLE OF according to us, the work was created by an author working with the same style of the mentioned artist;
STYLE OF / MANNER OF according to us, the work was created in the style of the mentioned artist but in a following period;
FROM it seems a copy of a well-known work by the mentioned artist, but with an imprecise date;
SIGNED/DATED according to us, the work seems signed and dated by the artist who made it;
“signature and/or date inscribed”: it seems that these data were added by hand or in a period.
GOLD 18 kt gold (750/1000) if not differently specified
SILVER 800/1000 silver if not differently specified
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