Auction Sculptures et Objets d'Art Européens du Moyen-Age au XIXème siècle de Collections Privées (Firenze) at Pandolfini Casa d'Aste : 376 lots
19 October 2021 19/10/21  -  376 lots

European Works of Art and Sculptures from Private Collections, from the middle ages to the 19th century (Firenze) at Pandolfini Casa d'Aste

Pandolfini Casa d'Aste Palazzo Ramirez - Montalvo Borgo degli Albizi, 26 - 50126 Firenze IT
Sale over
Pandolfini Casa d'Aste : Sculptures et Objets... 19 October 2021 - Ended  
Pandolfini Casa d'Aste : Sculptures et Objets... 19 October 2021 - Ended  

Information on the auction

Palazzo Ramirez - Montalvo Borgo degli Albizi, 26 - 50126 Firenze
The 19 Octobre at 10h30 et 15h / 10.30am and 3pm
10h30 : Lots 1-151 / 10.30 am : Lots: 1-151
A 15h : Lots 152-376 / 3.00 pm : Lots: 152-376

Friday 15 October 2021 10 am - 6 pm
Saturday 16 October 2021 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday 17 October 2021 10 am - 1 pm
Monday 18 October 2021 10 am - 6 pm

Pour tout renseignement, veuillez contacter la Maison de ventes au +39 055 2340888,

Buyer's premium

Default buyer’s premium for this sale are 25% TTC

Conditions of sale

Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r l. is entrusted with objects to be sold in the name and on behalf of the consignors, as stated in the deeds registered in the V.A.T. Office of Florence. The effects of this sale involve only the Seller and the Purchaser, without any liability on the part of Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. other than that relating to the mandate received.
The objects will be sold to the highest bidder. The transfer of a sold lot to a third party will not be accepted. Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. will hold the successful bidder solely responsible for the payment. Notification of the participation at the auction in the name and on behalf of a third party is therefore required in advance.
The estimates in the catalogue are purely indicative and are expressed in euros. The descriptions of the lots are to be considered no more than an opinion and are purely indicative, and do not therefore entail any liability on the part of Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. Any complaints should be sent in writing within 10 days, and if considered valid, will entail solely the reimbursement of the amount paid without any further claim.
Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. shall issue no guarantee regarding the attribution, authenticity or origin of the goods put up for sale for which the sole person responsible shall exclusively be the principal. The principal will assume every guarantee and responsibility concerning the goods with reference to – by way of an example but not limited to - the origin, authenticity, attribution, dating, preservation and marketability of the item which is the subject of this mandate.
The goods put up for sale shall be considered to be used/antique items and, as such, not subject to the Consumer Code, according to the provision contained in art. 3 e) of Italian Legislative Decree no. 206/2005
The auction will be preceded by an exhibition, during which the specialist in charge of the sale will be available for any enquiries; the object of the exhibition is to allow the prospective bidder to inspect the condition and the quality of the objects, as well as clarifying any possible errors or inaccuracies in the catalogue. All the objects are “sold as seen”.The interested parties shall undertake to examine the objects in person, possibly with the assistance of a trusted expert. All the objects are “sold as seen” in the same condition and state of preservation in which they are displayed.
Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. may accept absentee and telephone bids for the objects on sale on behalf of persons who are unable to attend the auction. The lots will still be purchased at the best price, in compliance with other bids for the same lots and with the registered reserves. Though operating with extreme care, Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. cannot be held responsible for any possible mistakes in managing absentee or telephone bids. We advise the bidder to carefully check the numbers of the lots, the descriptions and the bids indicated when filling in the relevant form. We cannot accept absentee bids of an unlimited amount. The request of telephone bidding will be accepted only if submitted in writing before the sale. In case of two identical absentee bids for the same lot, priority will be given to the first one received.
During the auction the Auctioneer is entitled to combine or to separate the lots.
The lots are sold by the Auctioneer; in case of dispute, the contested lot will be re-offered in the same auction starting from the last bid received. A bid placed in the salesroom will always prevail over an absentee bid, as in n. 6.
Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. may immediately request the payment of the final price, including the buyer’s premium; it is due to be paid however no later than 12 p.m. of the day following the auction.
Purchased and paid for lots must be collected immediately and, in any case, no later than 10 (ten) days from the date of the actual payment made to Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE. Failing this, Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. will be entitled to storage charges, and will be exempt from any liability for storage or possible damage to sold objects. The weekly storage fee will amount to € 26.00. In the event that the payment is not made within the term of ten (10) days from the auction, Pandolfini Casa d’Aste may declare the sale to have been canceled, annulling the awarding of the bid, or take legal steps in order to recover the amount due. In the case of the cancelation of the sale, the purchaser shall be obliged to pay Pandolfini Casa d’Aste srl a penalty equal to the commission due by both the principal and by the purchaser. The delivery of the goods shall take place exclusively only once the full balance of the final price has been paid.
It shall be specified that the right of withdrawal shall not be applicable to purchases made c/o Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE since they are deemed to be a contract concluded on the occasion of an auction sale.
Purchasers must observe all legislative measures and regulations currently in force regarding notified objects, with reference to D. Lgs. n. 42/2004. The exportation of objects is determined by the aforementioned regulation and by the customs and taxation laws in force. Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. refuses any responsibility towards purchasers regarding exportation restrictions on the purchased lots. Should the State exercise the right of pre-emption, no refund or compensation will be due either to the purchaser on the part of Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. or to the Seller.
The Legislative Decree n. 42 dated 22nd January 2004 regulates the exportation of objects of cultural interest outside Italy, while exportation outside the European Community is regulated by the EEC Regulation n. 116/2009 dated 18th December 2008. Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. shall not be considered responsible for, and cannot guarantee, the issuing of relevant permits. Should these permits not be granted, Pandolfini CASA D’ASTE S.r.l. cannot accept the cancellation of the purchase or the refusal to pay. We wish to remind you that antiquities cannot be exported
Those participating in the sale will be automatically bound by these Terms and Conditions. The Court of Florence has jurisdiction over possible complaints.
Lots with the symbol * have been entrusted by Consignors subject to V.A.T. and are therefore subject to V.A.T. as follows: 22% payable on the hammer price and 22% on the final price.
For lots with the symbol (?), an export licence or a temporary importation licence is available.
Lots with the symbol • are subjected to the “resale right”.
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