Auction Vente de Mai : Beaux Arts & Antiquités at SALA DE VENTAS BARCELONA : 399 lots
12 May 2021  -  399 lots

May’s Fine Art & Antiques Auction at SALA DE VENTAS BARCELONA

SALA DE VENTAS BARCELONA Sala de Ventas Barcelona SL Rossello, 229 BARCELONA ES
SALA DE VENTAS BARCELONA : May’s Fine Art & Antiques Auction 12 May 2021  
SALA DE VENTAS BARCELONA : May’s Fine Art & Antiques Auction 12 May 2021  

Information on the auction

Sala de Ventas Barcelona SL Rossello, 229 BARCELONA
The 12 Mai at 16h30
Experts :
Shaila Fernández
Julián García
Mireia Gil

Pour tout renseignement, veuillez contacter Shaila Fernández :

Viewing date

du 3 au 12 mai.
Du lundi au vendredi : 10h-14 h et 16h30-20h
Samedi 8 et 15 mai : 11-14h et 17-20h

Conditions of sale

Conditions de vente
Sala de Ventas Barcelona is an auction room whose objective is the intermediation in the sale, after a voluntary auction, of goods, artistic objects or of a similar nature that are entrusted to it for this purpose, acting as a mediator between the owner-seller and the possible buyers.

1 Rights and obligations of the Sales Room
A. The lots assigned for auction will be included in a catalog and displayed for a period of 12 days prior to the auction, in order to allow a perfect examination and knowledge of them to potential buyers. Anyone who wishes to participate in the auction may, during that period, buy by himself or by the experts that he deems appropriate, the attribution, authenticity, period, condition and other details that interest them to know of the piece they intend to acquire.
B. The works and objects will be auctioned in the state in which they are, and Sala de Ventas Barcelona will not accept any claim about restorations or damage, even if they have not been recorded in the catalog or are not detected in the photographs or means chosen for their reproduction. The exhibition of the lots prior to the auction is intended to allow the examination of the objects or works to be auctioned.
C. The description of the lots and the data that appear in the catalog regarding the author, authenticity, age and state of conservation, are formed after an exhaustive study by the Sala de Ventas Barcelona team, but their accuracy is not stated. accepts any responsibility. Any manifestation of Sala de Ventas Barcelona or its employees in a catalog, outside of it or even verbal manifestations, regarding the author, attribution, authenticity, origin, date, age, provenance, state of conservation or estimate of sale, constitute only one statement of opinion, without any link. As is international custom, Sala de Ventas Barcelona will not be liable for these opinions to be correct, and will not accept any responsibility for their reasons.
D. The indication in running status, referring to a watch, means that it is in operation or that it contains all the parts that will allow it to start up with a repair.
E. In no case will Sala de Ventas be responsible for damage caused to glass and picture frames.
F. All gem weights and measurements are approximate, due to the inability to take exact measurements due to the jewel setting or design. The color and clarity of the set diamonds will only be indicated as a guide, since their full determination can only be made once they have been disassembled.
G. The measurements of the furniture and objects are issued with the greatest possible precision, but due to the formal characteristics of many of them, they must be approximate.
H. Sala de Ventas Barcelona, its employees and agents will not have any responsibility for damage or loss of property caused by:
• Third parties acting with the consent of the depositor-seller.
• Conditions or defects inherent to the goods.
Changes in humidity or temperature, or errors in handling.
• War, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination, floods or any other phenomenon of nature.
I. Sala de Ventas Barcelona reserves the right to admit people to its premises or rooms, and also reserves the right not to allow the attendance of a certain person or persons in any of its auctions. Also, the auctioneer has absolute discretion to reject any bid. The use of these rights is at the discretion of Sala de Ventas Barcelona.
J. Sala de Ventas Barcelona reserves the absolute discretion without giving explanations, to reject bids, divide lots, combine two or more lots, withdraw one or more lots from the auction and, in the event of a discrepancy, offer them again at auction.
K. Sales operations will be understood to be carried out at the registered office of Sala de Ventas Barcelona, calle Rosselló, 229 (08008 Barcelona). In the event of a dispute, the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona will be deemed competent, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to the participants in the auction.
L. The operations in which Sala de Ventas Barcelona intervenes, in terms of their legal qualification and consequent effects, are subject to the provisions of Spanish Law and more specifically to the stipulations that regulate mediation and deposit contracts. The mere fact of participating in the auction, either as a seller, bidder, or even as a spectator, insofar as they affect you, implies accepting and submitting to these General Conditions.
2. Relationship with buyers:
A. Every buyer must identify himself positively, the first time he participates in an auction, by means of a document proving his identity, ID or CIF, sending a copy of it to Sala de Ventas Barcelona by fax or by mail. Sala de Ventas Barcelona reserves the right to request references from those who intend to participate as bidders in an auction. It may also require bank references or any other type of guarantees from the successful bidder. The data provided at the time of accreditation as a bidder will be those that will appear on the purchase invoice, without the possibility of modification without just cause.
Sala de Ventas Barcelona will not be able to accept bids from clients or not award them auctions, in case their solvency is not duly accredited or they have previously been in default in an auction.
B. The buyer will be the one who made the highest valid bid, which will acquire the auctioned object at the award price indicated at the time of the hammer blow. To this price, 18% will be added for the room's intermediation fees and the corresponding VAT. Any disagreement in this regard will be resolved by the auction director using his absolute discretion, in accordance with the provisions of the general conditions.
C. During the exhibition days prior to the auction, Sala de Ventas Barcelona makes written bid sheets available to potential buyers, also included in the catalog, in order to facilitate the acquisition of lots to those interested without having to go to the auction. These written bids can be delivered by hand or sent by letter or fax, stating in any case the award price limit (before brokerage) of each lot for which they want Sala de Ventas Barcelona to bid on their behalf, as well as the data required on the sheet (name and surname, address, postal code, telephone, NIF and signature). The room reserves the right not to accept bids in writing that do not contain all the requested information or that are manifestly false and, in no case,
The lots will be awarded at the lowest price allowed by the other bids. In the event of a tie in written bids, the one with the oldest date will prevail. If the tie is with a bid by telephone or in the room, the offer made in writing will have priority.
Telephone bidding orders or telephone bidding requests will only be accepted under the responsibility of the applicant and must be confirmed prior to the auction by letter, telegram or fax. Bids by phone from previously unidentified persons will not be accepted. The mere fact of requesting the telephone call to bid live for a lot implies bidding for the exit of that lot, and if it is already bid, cover the immediately higher bid.
Neither Sala de Ventas Barcelona nor its employees or agents will be responsible for negligence or any defect in the execution of the bids entrusted or for failing to execute them, or for any failure in the telecommunications used for it.
D. Sala de Ventas Barcelona will pass on to the buyer the Value Added Tax on the rights or brokerage for their mediation in the purchase.
E. Buyers will receive a communication indicating the lots awarded and the total amount of the acquisition. The awarded lots must be paid within a maximum period of ten calendar days from the holding of the auction. The Barcelona Sales Room fees (18%) and the corresponding VAT will be added to the award price, as well as any other expense assumed by the buyer.
Payments can be made through transfer, bank deposit, cash or bank check. Remember limitation of cash payments determined by current law, at the time of the transaction.
After the aforementioned period has elapsed if the buyer has not satisfied the pending amounts, Sala de Ventas Barcelona will carry out all the steps within its reach to obtain the payment and will inform the seller of the fact, who from that moment gives representation to Sala de Ventas Barcelona to initiate how many legal actions it deems appropriate in order to enforce the contract or put the unpaid object back up for auction. If the successful bidder of a lot does not pay the total amount of the operation, he must in any case pay the Barcelona Sales Room the commissions, expenses and insurance that any buyer must pay on the auction price. The delay in the payment by the buyer of the lots that has been awarded will mean an increase in interest, at a rate of 1.5% per month,
F. The awarded lots may be withdrawn by the buyer from the Sala de Ventas Barcelona premises once the award price has been effectively paid, plus the same fees and VAT and other expenses assumed by the buyer, and they have always been completed the legal procedures in the cases of works subject to Law 16/85 of June 25, of the Spanish Historical Heritage.
From that moment on, the buyer must withdraw the lots acquired within ten calendar days, within the business hours established by Sala de Ventas Barcelona.
At the end of this period, Sala de Ventas Barcelona may choose to deliver the lots awarded to a warehouse, under the sole responsibility of the buyer, billing the buyer for storage costs at a rate of 5 euros (10 euros if they are furniture), plus VAT per batch and day in which the batch / s remain in the warehouse. The buyer authorizes the room to retain the / lot / as long as all expenses assumed in this contract are not reimbursed. Any damage suffered by the lots in this situation will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.
Buyers who wish to withdraw the awarded lots at the end of the auction may do so, whenever possible, by paying the total amount in cash (with the aforementioned legal limitations). During the auction, lots cannot be delivered.
G. The amounts to be invoiced to buyers do not include transport (which will always be at the buyer's risk and expense and must be insured), or special packaging for the buyer or additional insurance. These services may be performed, at the request of the buyer, and will be invoiced independently of the purchase invoice, not being Sala de Ventas Barcelona responsible for the damages that any merchandise may suffer during its transport (total or partial breakages, damages, losses, etc. .), once you have left the premises of Sala de Ventas Barcelona.
The price of the packaging will be from 5 to 35 euros depending on the size and complication, indicative price (consult budget beforehand).
H. The packaging and handling by the staff of Sala de Ventas Barcelona of awarded lots is carried out as a special attention to customers, and in the case of fragile and delicate objects, Sala de Ventas Barcelona, at its absolute discretion, will manage it, if so he decides. In no case will Sala de Ventas Barcelona be responsible for damage caused to glass and frames, regardless of the cause. Although Sala de Ventas Barcelona can recommend packers and transporters, in no case will it be responsible for the errors and omissions committed by them.
In any case, the works and pieces auctioned by Sala de Ventas Barcelona will be treated, delivered and handled with the greatest care and the most absolute discretion.
I. The buyer will be responsible for any damage, loss or loss that affects the objects or lots that he has acquired, from the moment in which the payment is made (whether or not the objects have left the premises of the Sala de Sales Barcelona). Neither Sala de Ventas Barcelona nor its employees or agents will be responsible for any damage, loss or loss of any kind suffered by the aforementioned objects, whether due to flooding, fire, theft, theft, etc.
J. Many of the lots included in the auctions require the express and prior authorization of the State Administration to leave Spanish territory. Although all works destined for countries of the European Union are exempt from export taxes, those buyers who wish to send their purchases outside of Spanish territory, and require prior authorization from the Administration, will have to request said authorization in the form and the requirements established in the Regulations of said law. In the case of requesting authorization, said request will suppose, for all purposes, an offer for the exercise of the right of first refusal of the Spanish State.
K. Sala de Ventas Barcelona, in compliance with the provisions of Law 16/85 of June 25, on Spanish Historical Heritage and complementary regulations, will notify the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Ministry of Culture, with mandatory advance notice, the content of its catalogs. Regarding the goods subject to law 16/85, the Administration may exercise its right of first refusal when the sale is made in public auction, by means of the appearance of a representative of the Ministry of Culture in the auction, which, at the moment in which the auction price of the auctioned good is determined, it will state the purpose of making use of such right, the award of the good being suspended. When the sale is made in another way, you can exercise your rights of first refusal and withdrawal, within the legally established deadlines for that purpose,
3. Relationship with sellers
A. The seller is obliged to identify himself by means of his National Identity Document, or alternative document, and must also identify the owner of the deposited lot if it is different. For this, the first time you contract with Sala de Ventas Barcelona, you must provide a copy of your ID or CIF.
B. The seller grants Sala de Ventas Barcelona the right to photograph and reproduce any good whose sale is entrusted to him, in any medium or time, related or not to the auction. In the event that such reproduction entails the payment of intellectual property rights, the amount of those rights would be deducted from the settlement to the seller.
C. Rights of access to catalog: The seller is obliged to pay the amount of 10 euros plus VAT, for each lot sold, for the concept of access rights to the catalog. This amount will be deducted from the settlement that the room will make of the lot sold.
D. The different lots must be delivered to the room, for their placement and adequate publicity, within the time frame established at all times by it. The delivery at a later date frees the room from the obligation to incorporate the corresponding lot in the advertising platform chosen to inform about the auction.
E. The team of experts in the room, once the different lots have been studied and in agreement with the seller, will establish a sales starting price for each lot. This price will appear on the delivery note of the objects to be auctioned. The estimate of the starting price does not compromise the real value that the lots could have, nor does it guarantee that they can be awarded for said sum.
F. The room undertakes to advertise the sale, by the method and platform it deems most appropriate. Said advertising will be at the discretion of the professionals designated by it. The room will place the lots according to its experience, for their exhibition in the corresponding room, where they will remain until the next scheduled sale.
G. Objects assigned to Sala de Ventas Barcelona for auction are not insured. Any mishap they suffer (theft, theft, loss, breakage, flood, fire, etc.) will be at the risk of the depositor-seller. However, Sala de Ventas Barcelona makes an insurance policy available to the owners of the lots, the amount of which, if accepted in writing in advance, will be charged on a separate invoice, at the time of settlement of the lots sold. .
H. The room will not assume any cost for transport, restoration, cleaning, frames, certificates, etc. Said expenses, if any, will be borne by the seller.
I. The seller undertakes, exempting the room from any responsibility, to fully return the price paid by the buyer if, within fifteen days after the auction is held, the buyer notifies the room in writing that the lot purchased it is a deliberate forgery and demonstrates this fact in a convincing way.
J. The seller authorizes the room to collect from the buyer to whom the lot (s) is awarded the price of the award. Once the award is made and provided that the room has effectively collected from the buyer, it is obliged to liquidate the seller, within a maximum period of 30 days, the amount obtained from the sale, after deducting the commission that corresponds to the room in concept of fees and the amount corresponding to the rights to access the catalog and other accrual expenses. Said commission is established, unless otherwise agreed, in the amount of 17% of the final award value of the lot or lots, increased with the corresponding taxes. The established period may be extended in the event that the piece or lot sold is subject to the Spanish Historical Heritage Law or the corresponding or applicable law of the Autonomous Community, in which case the sale price will be paid within the period maximum of five days since the export permit is obtained. To the works of authors subject to Law 22/87 of intellectual property, the corresponding tax will be applied that the room will deduct for its liquidation.
K. The month of August will be considered non-business for all purposes.
L. The seller undertakes not to remove the delivered items until after the scheduled sale date and whenever the sale is deserted. If the transferor of a lot withdraws it once it has been placed on display, he must pay the room the corresponding commission on the starting price, both for the purchase and for the sale of said lot, as a freely agreed expense and compensation. The corresponding VAT will be added to this amount.
M. Direct sale and warehouse: Unsold lots will remain for two weeks, after the auction, in the direct sale period at the starting price, unless indicated by the owner.
The unsold lots must be removed by the seller within the hours established by the room, before the expiration of five calendar days from the holding of the auction or from the day after the direct sale period.
After the aforementioned period, the seller is obliged to pay, as "warehouse right" an amount equal to 5 euros (10 euros if they are furniture), plus VAT per lot and day, in which the / lot / remain in the room warehouse. The seller authorizes the room to retain the / lot / as long as all the expenses assumed in this contract are not reimbursed.
When the amount owed for storage exceeds the value for which it was initially put up for auction (starting price), the lot will become the property of Sala de Ventas Barcelona, without the right to any compensation in favor of the depositor-seller. In any case, there is the possibility that the depositor-seller requests in writing that this power does not apply to specific pieces or lots.
The depositor-seller will assume responsibility for the damage or loss of the objects deposited in the warehouse.
N. After a reasonable period of 15 business days, from the date they should have been removed, without the seller removing the lot from his property or if the amount stipulated as warehouse will not be paid and without prejudice to any other decision that is taken by the room regarding future collaborations, from that moment it is authorized to put the corresponding lot or lots for sale for a value equal to 60% of the established starting price for the auction and, ultimately, if neither sold, when the amount owed for storage exceeds the value for which it was initially put up for auction, the lot will become the property of the room, under the conditions established in point M.
O. In the event that a lot has been awarded in the sale to the highest bidder, but the buyer does not pay its price within the established period and the conditions offered to the buyer are met, the room will consider the sale void, being able to withdraw the lot and locate it in the warehouses of the room. From the moment the vendor is notified by the room of said circumstance, unless expressly notified in writing, the provisions of sections L and M regarding direct sale, withdrawal and storage will apply.
P. The seller may not, under any pretext, participate as a buyer of the lots owned by him. If, in violation of this prohibition, he is the winner of any of the lots, he will be obliged to pay the corresponding commissions to the room, both for the buyer and the seller on the final price of the award.
Q. The seller is liable for the authenticity of the work in front of third parties, as well as the reality of its title, with full indemnity of the room, guaranteeing Sala de Ventas Barcelona both full ownership and the fact that they are free of charges and liens and that there are no claims from the authorities about them.
R. The seller is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Heritage Law, General Tax Law and Intellectual Property Law, which establishes the rights of artists and their heirs up to 60 years after the first of January following the death of the artist to receive from the seller 4% of the amount for which the operation has been carried out, as long as the hammer price has been higher than 1,200 euros.
The depositor-seller accepts the payment conditions established by the Heritage Law in the event that the State exercises the right of first refusal on a piece.
S. Scale of offers:
From 10 to 100 the offers will go up by 10 euros.
From 101 to 500 the offers will go up by 20 euros.
From 501 to 1,000 the offers will go up by 50 euros.
From 1,001 to 2,000 the offers will go up by 100 euros.
From 2,001 to 5,000 the offers will go up by 200 euros.
From 5,001 to 10,000 the offers will go up by 500 euros.
From 10,001 to 20,000 the offers will go up by 1,000 euros.
From 20,001 to 50,000 the offers will rise by 2,000 euros.
From 50,001 to 100,000 the offers will rise by 5,000 euros.
From 101,000 onwards, at the auctioneer's discretion.
T. The signatories submit to the jurisdiction and powers of the courts of Barcelona.
4. Distance purchase
Remote buyers, during or after the auction, submit to all of these general conditions, making special mention of the fact that the descriptions and photographs in the catalog and on the website are for guidance purposes, being the state , in which the object is located, in the room during its exhibition the only valid one. No claim will be accepted if the buyer has not ascertained personally or through an authorized person the state of the piece at the time of its exposure.
5. Room Commission to buyers
18% plus the corresponding VAT must be added to the purchase price.
6. On-line offers (e-mail and web)
Sala de Ventas Barcelona only insures bids received no later than the day before the auction. For greater security we advise to confirm the offer by phone.
7. Payments
Account holder: Sala de Ventas Barcelona, SL
IBAN ES40 2100 2837 2702 1019 6625
C / Rosselló, 214
08008 Barcelona (Spain)
8. Shipping
Sala de Ventas Barcelona is not responsible for the packaging or transport of the auctioned objects.
If the client so wishes, the room offers a transport and courier service whose rates are from 5 to 40 euros depending on the size and complexity of the packaging (check before).
9. Data Protection Law
In compliance with LO 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, the client authorizes SALA DE VENTAS BARCELONA to include their data in a client file, as well as for promotion by SALA DE SALAS BARCELONA of the objects that at any time make available to your customers or the general public. The client may exercise the right of access, rectification or cancellation of their personal data by directing the appropriate request to the following address: SALA DE VENTAS BARCELONA, c / Rosselló, 229 bajo, 08008 Barcelona or by email at info @ saladeventas. com .
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