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Lot 891 - A composite full armour in Pisan style - dating: 1589 - provenance: North Italy, [...]

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A composite full armour in Pisan style
dating: 1589
provenance: North Italy
Beautiful burgonet with skull in one piece with medium-high comb with twisted border, pointed brim and nape-guard, ribbed in the center and with grooved band and twisted border, pierced cheek-piece and with borders en suite and provided with hooks for a beaver (not present).
Brass, engraved plume-holder.
Painted in dark red inside for anti-corrosion.
Gorget with one front and back plate, twisted upper border. Breast-plate ribbed in the center, with neckline and gussets with well evident and twisted borders.
Two loin-guards and five-plated tassets.
Back-plate en suite, with twisted upper border and protruding at ninety degrees, with file-roping. Brassards complete with knuckle-shields.
Complete leg defenses, sabatons with spurs. All the armour decorated in Pisan style with bands and medallions.
Breast-plate marked in the center under the medallions 'C. VERVLA VECHIA', back-plate dated 'ANNO 1589', irrelevant leg defenses and knuckle-shields, original and uniform but from another armour.
Small defects and restores.
height circa 179 cm.

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