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Lot 508 - A fine black and white composite half armour - dating: Late 16th Century - [...]

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A fine black and white composite half armour
dating: Late 16th Century
provenance: Southern Germany
Pointed burgonet, with skull in one piece, with relieved and ribbed bands, disposed in a cross and convergent at the peak, on black ground.
Brim ribbed in the center and strongly sharpened upwards, edge with a recessed band and twisted border.
Nape-guard fixed with rivets and border en suite with the brim.
Mobile cheek-piece with ventilation holes, edges with a recessed band on a blackened ground; probably restored hinges.
Breast-plate ribbed in the center, decorated with thin, blackened grooves and with large border carved with festoons in relief, on a blackened ground; neck-guard with a thick rope, mobile pauldron small plates.
Back-plate carved en suite with blackened raisers and loin-guard with festoons on a blackened ground.
Gorget with pauldrons; the two plates of the neck-line are file-roped and twisted.
Five-plated shoulders. each, the last ones (one with a repair, one probably restored) decorated with festoons on a blackened ground that continues all along the border of the pauldrons.
Front loin-guard with three plates, with blackened raisers that continue on the tassettes; these, both of six plates, with border carved with festoons on a blackened ground and rope on the lower plates.
Mannequin is not included. height as shown circa 120 cm.

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