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Lot 53 - ALESSANDRO PIAZZA (ACTIVE 1665–1727) - Festive Banquet by Candlelight - Oil on [...]

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ALESSANDRO PIAZZA (ACTIVE 1665–1727) - Festive Banquet by Candlelight
Oil on canvas. 100 x 135 cm each.
Alessandro Piazza is an acclaimed painter, who attempted to capture in his work not only everyday life in Venice but also various festive events.
Because of this, he is considered the successor of Josef Heintz the Younger.

The first canvas presents Ridotto, the ground floor wing of the Dandolo Palace, home of the first casino.
The walls of the room are decorated with golden wallpaper, from the ceiling hang two simple wooden chandeliers.
On the right, we see entrance doors, and in the back, there are two other doors that lead to several rooms with tables and cards for playing basetta, biribi, and faro.
On the left are doors to the adjacent room, where refreshments were served.
Gambling was often accompanied by the wearing of costumes and masks, as can be seen in the painting.
It was also openly permitted to flirt with courtesans, who were sometimes given as prizes. It reached such an intolerable degree that the hall was officially closed in 1774.
The second image depicts a salon of nuns at the Benedictine monastery of San Zaccaria.
The monastery is the most famous convent in the city.
Over the years, it attracted many daughters of prominent families who often brought a dowry, or inheritance, thanks to which they were permitted to continue to dress in accordance with their aristocratic standing.
The scene is enlivened with crowds of people of different social statuses and wealth.
We see judges, nobles, elegant ladies, as well as disabled people, beggars, and a harlequin accompanied by children, all who represent the carefree, and colourful Venetian world.

Expert analysis: Dr. Dario Succi, Gorizia.

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