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Lot 433 - An exceptional Do-Maru type armour with early kabuto - dating: third quarter of the [...]

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An exceptional Do-Maru type armour with early kabuto
dating: third quarter of the 19th Century
provenance: Japan, Kabuto (O-Boshi Sujibachi Kabuto) with an antique Hachi consisting in thirty-two iron plates, riveted with round-headed nails and decorated with gilt copper plaques featuring floral decorations. Massive Tehen-kanamono divided into four sectors, provided with a large hole at the centre (typical of Nanbokucho period); the Mabezashi covered with imprinted leather, complete with the gilt and fretworked Kuwagata-dai holding the kuwagata, these ones gilt too, featuring the typical, horn shape.

The Shikoro of O-Manju type, with four plates bound in Kebiki-odoshi with large Fukigaeshi featuring gilt Mon of the Hayashi Clan.Black lacquered Menpo (small parts missing) with white hair mustache, featuring the inscription 'Mune Kiyo Saku' (made by Mune Kiyo) lacquered in red within a gilt cartouche; four-plate Yodarekake.Armour with Do bound in Kebiki Odoshi, complete with all its pertinent elements: Sode, Kote (Mon missing), Kawara Haidate, six-plate O Tateage Suneate and leather Kutsu covered with bear fur.All elements of this beautiful armour are enriched with gilt decorations (Kanamono) featuring a majestic fretwork decoration. Lacquer and fabric in very good condition. height 153 cm.

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