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Lot 37 - Barbie Midge case with complete outfits (1600s series), 1960s

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Barbie Midge case with complete outfits (1600s series), 1960s
France, 1960s (doll, case and clothes)
Manufacturer: Matell
Barbie Bubble Cut
Diverse outfits, including clothes from the 1600s series
Very rare outfit No. 1668 “Riding In The Park” with whip
Typical doll of the time, beautiful expression
With original case and accessories
Good condition
Case dimensions: 31.5 x 27 cm

This heavenly Barbie doll case from the 1960s includes the original doll in Bubble Cut as well as clothes from the 1600s series.
The Barbie Bubble Cut with a beautiful expression is typical for the time of the 1960s, her red hair makes her something special.
The extensive wardrobe for every occasion varies from riding garments, wedding dress, cocktail dress, trench coat with wellingtons and an umbrella to underwear, pyjamas and a swimsuit – they represent the fashion of the time and the Zeitgeist.
The set is comprised of partly complete outfits from the 1600s series, including No. 1667 Benefit Performance from 1966-67, No. 1665 Here Comes the Bride from 1966-67, No. 1627 Country Club Dance from 1965, No. 1648 Photo Fashion from 1965, No. 1650 Outdoor Art Show from 1966-67, No. 1652 Pretty as a Picture from 1966-67 as well as No. 1470 Intrigue from 1967-68. Outfit No. 1668 Riding In The Park is completed with the whip.
The day and night outfits may be hung on hangers, a coat rack is also contained.
In the little case from 1965 additional accessories for the outfits are included (scarves, shoes, gloves, bags, hats, stockings and boots), as well as interchangeable heads and wigs (on a wig stand).
The case, the doll and the clothes are in good condition, partly in very nice condition, partly with traces of wear (discolourations and open seams).
The clothes each contain Barbie labels “Barbie by Mattel”, the doll shows the stamp “Midge, Barbie, 1958, by Mattel, Patented”, on the front of the case with “Made in France, Mattel S.A., International”.
The dimensions of the case are 31.5 x 27 cm. Barbie The Barbie doll is the most famous and bestselling doll in the world.
The US company Matell was founded in 1945 by Harold Matson and the couple Ruth and Elliott Handler. At first the production comprised mainly accessories for dolls.
In 1959 the first Matell Barbie doll, named after Barbara, the Handlers’ daughter, was introduced at the American Toy Fair in New York.
The doll, inspired by mannequins, owes much of her success to her comprehensive wardrobe.
The latter was inspired by the newest fashion trends and always mirrored the spirit of each epoch. Over the year the doll’s appearance changed and the accessories became more and more elaborate. 500

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