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Lot 331 - CASANOVA GIACOMO: (1725-1798) Italian Author and Adventurer. A.L.S., Casanova, two [...]

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CASANOVA GIACOMO: (1725-1798) Italian Author and Adventurer. A.L.S., Casanova, two pages (written on the first and third sides of the conjugate leaves), 4to, Prague, 18th May 1788, to Count Antonio Collalto ('Your Excellency, my Beloved Lord') in Vienna, in Italian. Casanova announces `This modern evil called Grippe, after travelling through the Austrian capital, did not forgive the Bohemian capital and caught me, obliging me to attend V[ostra] E[ccellenza] with such an ungrateful appearance; but thank God, V E is free of it, not me, I am in bed´ further remarking `I have here with me your precious letters dated 10th and 13th, but with my headache I am unable to remember if I have already answered to the first or not, so in order not to fail, I´ll answer to both of them.´ Casanova continues to refer to some books sent to his correspondent and also to some other individuals, `I understand, according to your letter, that you have received the box with the books, and I read also and appreciate the news regarding the call from the French Ambassador´s to Venice, and as a consequence the imbroglio with Naples, an affair on which I fully ignore the cause. According to your second letter I understand that with your usual excess of goodness, V.E. went personally to deliver to Countess Clari-Ligne the volumes, and that you refused to accept the nine Guilders. V.E. acted wisely, nevertheless I will write today to the Prince of Liechtenstein who knows me, and I hope that all will be taken care of in a noble way.´ He further writes `My brother wrote to me and he praised your kindness in sending the thirty volumes, and promised he will send the money to you as soon as he will receive it from the associates… Count Waldstein has the first 72 copies…and my brother promises he will get 24 more associates....´ Casanova concludes his letter `Additionally to all mentioned, I beg you to send me on the 27th of the present month the money you may have for me as I have to pay a bill of exchange before the end of the month. The third volume was welcomed here with applause and allowed me to get eight more associates. The King´s speech on page 261 pleased a lot.´ An attractive, boldly penned letter. A few very minor, insignificant holes to some words of text, evidently caused by the ink burning the paper, otherwise VG

Count Antonio Collalto - Italian Nobleman and Military officer.

Aloys I (1759-1805) Prince of Liechtenstein. He expanded the Liechtenstein library through the purchase of complete collections of books.

Joseph Karl Emanuel Waldstein (1755-1814) Count Waldstein. Casanova spent the last years of his life in Bohemia as a librarian in Count Waldstein's household, where he also wrote the story of his life.

Casanova's autobiography, Histoire de ma vie, is regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life during the 18th century. Casanova is remembered today for his often elaborate and complicated affairs with women and his name is synonymous with 'womanisers'. He associated himself with European Royalty, Popes and Cardinals as well as luminaries including Voltaire, Goethe and Mozart.

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