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Lot 315 - DUMAS ALEXANDRE Pere: (1802-1870) French Writer whose works include The Three [...]

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DUMAS ALEXANDRE Pere: (1802-1870) French Writer whose works include The Three Musketeers.

An exceptionally rare and very important A.M.S., `Alex. Dumas´, being the Autograph Manuscript of La Reine Margot ("Queen Margot"), one of his renowned novels, published in 1845, 3rd volume, 14 full chapters, 97 folio pages, light grey paper, all written to front and none to verso, 12.5 x 17 large folio, fully in the hand of Dumas, and inscribed to the last written page `Offered to Madame Porcher. Alex. Dumas´.

Dumas unusually carefully pens the 97 pages, including corrections and additions in his hand.

Each chapter starting on a new page and showing the title in larger letters and interestingly several chapters are entitled in a different way, or slightly different way than the final known and published version, few examples being `Un Vieux Huguenot´ ("An Old Huguenot") in this original version, is now known as `Le Manteau Cerise´ ("The Cherry Overcoat"), or `La Chasse´ ("The Hunt") would become `Le Depart´ ("The Departure"), or ´` La Nuit tous les Chats sont Gris´ (`In the Night All Cats Look Grey´) would be finally published as `Dieu Dispose´ (`God Provides´) and few more. All the pages are numbered, bearing large attractive numbers to the heading in his hand. An impressive and extremely rare manuscript. Attractively and contemporary bounded, in black with title gilt letters "Autographe de la Reine Margot par Alexandre Dumas". Also including a book box. Very small overall age wear, otherwise VG £40000-60000

La Reine Margot (1845) is a novel based on Margaret of Valois (1533-1615) a French princess, daughter of Henry II of France and Catherine de´Medici, who married in 1572 the King Henry III of Navarre, later Henry IV of France (1553-1610) and became Queen consort of Navarre and later Queen of France. She was a woman of letters and an enlightened mind. She was the first woman to write her Memoirs while imprisoned. This marriage was intended to celebrate reconciliation of Catholics and Huguenots, but concluded with the St. Bartholomew´s Day Massacre. Their marriage was annulled in 1599 by decision of the Pope. The novel starts in 1572 and concludes in 1574 when Henry of Navarre ascended to the French throne as Henry IV, succeeding Charles IX.
La Reine Margot was almost immediately translated into English as "Marguerite de Valois: An Historical Romance"

Jean Baptiste Porcher (1792-1864) French Theatrical Agent who used to purchase copyrights and ticket passes for his authors, later reselling them at the entrance doors of theatres. He very often was advancing money to Dumas and sometimes keepin some manuscripts in pledge. Dumas wrote about him "The man in Paris who has rendered more services to me."

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