Du Moyen Âge au Baroque. XIIème – XVIIème siècles chez La Suite Subastas, Barcelone, Espagne

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Lot 8 - Gilded and chased wrought iron pulpit lectern, 11th century. - Depicting a crowned [...]

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Gilded and chased wrought iron pulpit lectern, 11th century.
Depicting a crowned eagle with its wings spread. The animal head, with bulging, almond shaped eyes, open beak and noticeable human ears, is covered with a crown decorated with wolf teeth. In the upper part the letters NOB are inscribed. The body is profusely decorated with plumage in zigzag lines, rhombuses, triangles and small cuts in circle shapes, which give the animal a rather natural look.
The tail stabilises and acts as a counterweight, and so would the element that is not preserved, which would have been situated at the lower part of the chest.
This eagle of Saint John is morphologically very similar to some images which appear in the decoration of the saints and some ivories such as the crucifix of Ferdinand and Sancha.
Bibliography: The figure was included in the exhibition "El Cid, del hombre a la leyenda" which took place at Burgos Cathedral in October – November 2007 and appeared in the catalogue on page 150.
It is not possible to export this figure as it is inventoried among Spanish Heritage artefacts of cultural interest.
40 x 40 cm.

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