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Physiology. GALLINI, Stefano. Osservazioni concernenti li nuovi progressi della Fisica del Corpo Umano.Padova, Penada, 1792 8vo, mm. 210x150; Binding in boards, written title and label on the spine; pp. 14, CCCIX, [3]. Woodcut initials and ornaments, Printer’s device on the last page. Stamp of extinct library on title page. Very nice copy, with wide margins printed on strong paper.

Rare first edition. Leading figure in the physiology of the transition period between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Gallini conceives the body as an entity closely connected with the physical world around them and therefore must be designed with accurate and rigorous scientific instruments, using physics and chemistry whose laws can explain the phenomena of the living world. In this work introduces the concept of man "vegetating" and man "sentient", referring respectively to the vascular system and the nervous, the first charge to nutrition and secretion, the second to the transmission of excitations at the center and here muscles. At the end it is inserted another interesting memory about the true proximate cause of sleep, where Gallini develops its assumptions on the functioning of the nervous system and the vegetative. Hirsch, II, 674. The work is offered with a valid export license.

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