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Lot 136 - Raoul Dufy (Le Havre, 1877 - Forcalquier, 1953) and Llorens Artigas (Barcelona,1892 - [...]

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Raoul Dufy (Le Havre, 1877 - Forcalquier, 1953) and Llorens Artigas (Barcelona,1892 - 1980)
"Woman with mantilla"
Glazed pottery.
Signed and dated 9th November 1924 in Charenton le Pont.  Dedicated "à Jane Mortier".
On the back are the marks of the ceramic factory "Loebnitz Paris".

Llorens Artigas, while he was in Paris, worked with material from Faiencerie Loebnitz.
Jane Mortier was a famous pianist who was passionate about Liszt.
She moved in early 20th century Parisian literary and artistic circles.
There, thanks to her husband, the painter Robert Mortier, she associated with avant-garde artists and met the poet Guillaume Apollinaire, who invited them to his house in Nice several times in 1914.

At the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, there is a portrait of Emilienne Dufy by Dufy and Artigas which was done on the same day as the sculpture shown here.
The museum also has other artworks which the two artists collaborated on.  
13,8 x 14 cm.

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