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Lot 33 - Saint Bartholomew. Carved polychrome wood sculpture. Romanesque. 13th century. - [...]

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Saint Bartholomew. Carved polychrome wood sculpture. Romanesque. 13th century.
Saint Bartholomew is standing next to the devil in chains, from whom he rescued the daughter of Polymius, King of Armenia.
In his left hand he holds the book and in the right, which is lost, he would have held a knife, symbol of his martyrdom.
The period polychrome is exceptional, with bright colours and an unusual naive pattern on the tunic and cloak.
The flecked decoration on the shoes is also outstanding.
According to the medieval theologian Rabano Mauro, the best Romanesque artisans had to be “capable of instructing with simplicity and provoking emotion with the vigorous expression of their art,” which reveals the evangelical intention of imagery, and the requirement for it to teach dogma to the faithful, who were illiterate on the whole, in a Theocentric society.

As may be observed in this beautiful sculpture, Romanesque imagery favours dropping all the extraneous to transmit its message through the reduction of form to its purest essence.
The lines are simplified.
The compositions are based on an axis of symmetry.
The classical canons have given way to hieratic solemnity, to images that are destined to fill the person gazing at them with awe.
69 x 27 x 11 cm.

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