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Capitolium Art

Via Carlo Cattaneo, 55
25100 Brescia

00 39 393 3353657


CapitoliumArt Auction House born in 1988, founded by Rudiano Rusconi in the prestigious Palazzo Cigola Fenaroli Valotti, in Brescia. In 2008, after twenty years and forty auctions of only ancient art, following a new order into the company the name changed into CapitoliumArt. It was inaugurated the section of Modern and Contemporary Art directed by Gherardo Rusconi, while the ancient and nineteenth century art continues to be run by Giorgio Rusconi. In 2010 was inaugureted the Design
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department chaired by Louis Bosa which was followed by that of Oriental Art (2015) and Jewelry & Watches (2016) departments chaired respectively by Ilaria Bellucci and Valerio Cacopardo.

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