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Viscontea Casa d'Aste

Via Carlo Pisacane 57
20129 Milano

+39 023 65 05 491


Viscontea is a Milanese auction house, founded by antiques expert Maurizio Quacquaro in 2004, at that time owner of "Musa Antichità" art gallery in central Milan for over 20 years.
The idea of creating Viscontea was inspired by Maurizio's passion for fine art, and by a desire to help clients with the sale and purchase of any art work within his field of expertise: furniture, paintings, sculptures, carpets, silverware, ceramics, porcelains, majolicas, glasses, bronzes, watches, jewellery,
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spanning all eras and origins.
The traditional in-house auctions form the main part of the Viscontea business. The auctions occur roughly every two months in Via Pisacane 57, and are preceded by viewing days in the week prior to the auction.
Aside from organising the in-house auctions, Viscontea deal with direct sales of antiques and art work.
A reliable and professional approach with an eye for quality and beauty has helped Viscontea Casa d'Aste to establish strong, trusted and personal relationship with their clients.

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