Vente Antiques and Modern chez Casa d'Aste Martini : 275 lots
15 mai 2021  -  275 lots

Antiques and Modern chez Casa d'Aste Martini

Casa d'Aste Martini Corso Cavallotti 76/76a 18038 San Remo IT
Casa d'Aste Martini : Antiques and Modern 15 mai 2021  
Casa d'Aste Martini : Antiques and Modern 15 mai 2021  

Informations sur la vente

Corso Cavallotti 76/76a 18038 San Remo
Le 15 Mai a 15h00
Christiaan Martini

Frais de vente / Buyers' premium : 20%

Pour tout renseignement, merci de contacter la Maison de ventes au / Further informations please contact the auction house : 0039 0184 59 10 12 /

Conditions de vente

Conditions of Sale
Sales Conditions
In order to harmonize the tax procedures between the countries of the European Union, with effect from 1 January 2001 new rules were introduced in Italy with the extension to the Auction House of the margin scheme. Article 45 of Law 342 of November 21, 2000 provides for the application of this scheme to sales completed in execution to the commission contracts defined by:
Private subjects;
- taxpayers who have subjected the operation to the margin scheme;
- those who were unable to deduct the tax pursuant to Articles 19, 19 and 19 bis of Presidential Decree No 633/72 (which sold the exemption under Article 10 27-quinquies);
- those benefiting from the franchise scheme for small businesses of the State of affiliation. Under the special regulations, in the cases mentioned above any VAT tax is payable by the Auction House.
In some circumstances, it may print on the catalog the history of the property of a work, if that information can contribute to its study or whether it is still well-known and vague to distinguish the same work. However, the identity of the seller or previous owners may not be made public for a variety of reasons, for example, that information may be excluded to comply with the confidentiality requirement of the seller or because the identity of the previous owner does not Is known because of the age of the work.
Auction Price, Purchasing Commission and VAT
The purchase fee is set at a rate of 20% on the bid price.
Attribution, Quality and Responsibility
All auctions are preceded by an exhibition in order to allow an in-depth look at the authenticity, state of conservation, attribution, and quality of the items.
Martini as a contractor does not acquire any rights and assumes no liability in respect of the description of the objects contained in the catalogs, brochures and any other illustrative material; The above descriptions are purely indicative and will not generate any kind of objection from the buyers.
Estimates published in the catalog
Estimates published in the catalog are indicative of potential buyers. In any case, all batches, depending on the market, can reach higher or lower than the indicated ratings. It is always advisable to inquire about the auction's approximation as estimates may be subject to review. Evaluations printed on the auction catalog do not include purchase order and VAT.
Assistance for Potential Buyers
Martini's art experts are generally available during the show before the auction, or by appointment, to give advice to potential buyers on particular items or on any aspect of the auction procedure: only respond to written opinions, Remind potential buyers that each lot is sold under the conditions it is at the time of the award.
Offers for those who can not be present at sales
If we receive instructions on this, we will run the bids and provide the necessary information. This service is free. Lots will always be purchased at the cheapest price allowed by other offers on the same lots and the reserves we have registered. In the case of identical offers, priority will be given to the one received earlier.
Please always indicate a "maximum limit" - the amount you would bid if you personally participated in the auction. Purchase orders will not be accepted with unlimited offers.
Those who can not participate can take advantage of our ASTA LIVE service at .
Orders if dictated by telephone are accepted only at the risk of the sender and must be confirmed by letter, fax or telegram before the auction. The valid fax number for offers is 0184/591012. In order to ensure a satisfactory service to the bidders we strongly encourage you to send us the bids so that they are received by us at least 24 hours before auction.
No verbal communication will be considered.
Rebound and response offers
The auctioneer may open bids on each lot by making an offer in the seller's interest. The auctioneer may also bid in the seller's interest, up to the amount of the reserve, by submitting bidding and response bids for a batch. Martini Auctions employees can bid in a auction of Aste Martini only if the employee is unaware of the reserve price and if he does the offer in full compliance with the internal regulations governing employee stock bidding.
Warehouse costs
Unpaid items and not picked up immediately after the auction and of which Martini will no longer be responsible will be transferred to the warehouse martini auctions or other transportation company. After 5 working days from the auction, the carrier will charge buyers € 28.50 plus VAT for the transfer and the first week or fraction of the storage of each lot.
For each week or fraction you will be charged € 13.00 plus VAT. These rates include insurance up to € 2,600.00 per lot. In addition to this figure will be charged to the buyer a percentage equal to one per thousand on the value as insurance coverage.
Payment and withdrawal of purchases. Shipping services
The following forms of payment can facilitate immediate withdrawal of what you bought:
1) Contracts for an amount not exceeding € 1,000.00.
2) Circular check, subject to prior checking with the issuing institute.
3) Current account bank check, subject to agreement with the Martini administrative department.
4) Bank transfer: Unicredit -Sanremo - Via Matteotti, 138
In accordance with Italian law: Martini Aste is obliged to require its customers to produce an identity card (identity card, driver's license, passport and residence confirmation).
For the Italian law (Article 3 of the Italian Law of 3 May 1991, No. 143 converted, with amendments, on July 5, 1991 No. 197) does not accept the payment in counts for amounts greater than € 1,000.00 Martini will issue the invoice to the same person Which results when the pallet is registered.
It is not possible to deliver the goods against payment by bank check and circulate unless specifically agreed upon before the auction.
Payments made promptly through one of the above methods will avoid delays, warehousing and shipping and insurance costs.
A representative of a shipping house will be at your disposal for information and to receive instructions for any dispatch of the batches purchased during the show and sales. The terms of sale require purchasers to pay for the goods purchased immediately.
However, under limited circumstances and in any case with the consent of the seller, Martini has the opportunity to offer to buyers who feel relieved to be able to pay the purchased goods at expired rates. Normally, outdated payment methods will have to be defined before the sale. Before deciding whether or not to grant payments.

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Corso Cavallotti 76/76a 18038 San Remo Italie
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