Vente Art Contemporain International chez Artesegno Auction House : 99 lots
05 décembre 2015  -  99 lots

Art Contemporain International chez Artesegno Auction House

Artesegno Auction House Via Gervasutta 29 - 33100 Udine Udine (Italie) IT

La Maison de ventes ne prend plus les annulations d'ordres d'achat 72h avant la vente.

Artesegno Auction House : Art Contemporain International 05 décembre 2015  
Artesegno Auction House : Art Contemporain International 05 décembre 2015  

Informations sur la vente

Via Gervasutta 29 - 33100 Udine Udine (Italie)
Le 05 Decembre a 16h30
Dr. Domenico De Stefano

Lots 581 à 679

Pour tout renseignement, veuillez contacter la Maison de ventes au +39 0432 512642.

Conditions de vente

Conditions of Sale

You can participate to the auction by telephone, by internet or with written bids by signing the appropriate form at least 3 days before the start of the auction. For these services the customers have not to pay any extra charge; the Auction Room Artesegno does not assume any responsibility for bids inadvertently not performed, for errors relating to their performance, not legible or incorrect ones, arrived in delay and for any incident or disruption inherent telephone lines or internet The participation to the auction is allowed after registration and signing the appropriate form (registration form) before or during the same by providing a valid identity document and TIN. When you register, we will give you a number with a shovel in order to let you bid. If the buyer is acting for a third person, it is required a written proxy. The batches will be invoiced to the name and address issued during the registration. The Auction Room Artesegno will have the right to refuse, at its discretion, the participation to the auction to anyone deemed not acceptable and will remove from its headquarters anyone who can cause disturbance or impede the proper auction conduct. In case of identical bids, the batch will be assigned to those received before the other ones.
Written bids:
Written bids received by the subscription of the request form by mail or fax will be performed on behalf of the Bidder at the minimum possible price considering the reserve price and the other bids during the auction.
Offers by phone:
For the auction bids by telephone is required the registration using the appropriate form at least three days before the auction and the communication of the upper limit of bid by fax or in writing form if there were problems with telephone access. The telephone bids will be recorded and will be immediately followed by a confirmation to be sent by fax.
Offers by Internet:
For bids by Internet, you must register on the website at least three days before the date fixed for the auction. The registration will be completed only after you send an identity document and TIN by email, by mail or fax. When the registration is performed and after the necessary checks, the applicant will receive an email confirming the registration. Then he/she can participate to the auction using the link on the site
The batches will be auction items and will be sold inside rooms reserved to people registering at the secretariat of the Auction Room Artesegno, which acts as agent for and on behalf of each Seller under a sale mandate indicated in the Records of Public Safety in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws. Each batch is sold as it is. Batches can be seen during the ten days preceding the auction in order to check the status of conservation. The opinions that under request will be issued by Auction Room Artesegno staff should be considered mere opinions that don’t bind in any way the Auction Room Artesegno.
To each batch, dealt with the auction, will be assigned a value and an estimated basic auction price. The basic price corresponds to the auction price under which the batch will not be sold. All the amounts are in Euros. The Auction bases and the descriptions of the batches represented into the catalogue may be subject to review, through communications to public during the auction.
Items will be awarded to the highest bidder. If disputes arise between the more contractors, at the discretion of the Auctioneer, the same will sell again the item and make the new award. In presenting her/his offer, the Bidder assumes the personal responsibility to pay the price for the award, together with the auction rights, any other fees and taxes due.
During the auction, the Auctioneer can vary the order of sale or combine the batches. If there are no bids for one batch, the Auctioneer will withdraw it. For each batch the Auctioneer will communicate from time to time the amount of departure of the auction, updating it with any offers received (written, by phone, internet bids) and the amount of its raises. The hammer blow of the award indicates the batch award and the Buyer assumes all responsibility for the batch. The results of the sale will be published after the auction.
For each awarded batch the Buyer must pay to the Auction Room Artesegno a commission for auction rights equal to 20% on the award price plus any other fees and taxes due. The item, object of the auction coming from a private, not liable to pay VAT, shall be subject to the margin scheme (article 40bis of the Legislative Decree 41/95 of Law no. 342 dd. 21/11/2000) and, therefore, the amount of the award with reference to the auction rights and all fees in charge of the Contractor will not be charged with VAT. The Auction Room Artesegno will indicate with an asterisk (*) the batches which will be subject to VAT (referring to Sellers subjected to VAT). In said cases, on the amounts of award, of auction rights and of all expenses in charge of the Contractor will be calculated and added the VAT of 20%.
Payment must be realized by the Contractor, in the actual currency, immediately after the auction or no later than three working days from the date thereof, as follows:
1.Cash up to 12.500,00 €, in this case the batches can be taken at the end of the auction;
2.Bank check, that will be previously checked by contacting the Issuing Bank;
3.Wire transfer to: Artesegno sas Unicredit Banca IBAN : IT 72 K 02008 12303 000040928672
For the points 2 and 3, the awarded batch will be delivered only after payment reflection. If the Contractor does not immediately realize the total payment, he/she must pay a deposit equal to 20% of the awarded amount, when he/she awards the batch, as follows: cash- check or bank draft. In the absence of payment, in addition to the agreed deadlines, the Auction Room Artesegno must: a) proceed for the enforcement of the obligation to purchase and, in general, to take any action deemed appropriate in order to collect sums owed by the Contractor b ) sell the batch through the auction or private treaty later. In all the above-mentioned cases, the Auction Room Artesegno will hold as penalty the deposit received, except if there is any other serious damage. The Buyer renounces to ask for the reduction of agreed penalty. The batch will remain in the Auction Room Artesegno at risk and expense of the Contractor until it will be sold on or returned to Seller upon request.
After paying the amounts due, the Contractor shall withdraw the batch at his/her own risk and expense in the following ways within 7 days from the win: directly from the headquarters of the Auction Room Artesegno or through a third party or a shipper. In this case he/she must send a duly signed proxy by mail or fax. For the packaging of the batches he/she has to pay 20,00 €; this amount can vary in relation to the size of the package and will be agreed with the Buyer. If the Contractor doesn’t take the awarded and paid batches within seven days from the win, he/she must pay to the Auction Room Artesegno a safekeeping and insurance fee in accordance with the item value. At the end of the auction, the Auction Room Artesegno will no longer be responsible for the safekeeping and conservation state of the batches even in case of loss, damage, removal, theft, robbery or other, whether or not it is involved in the formal notice for taking the item by the Contractor and also if there is no insurance. In case of damage or loss of the batch within seven days from the date of award, that is, before the transfer of risk to the Buyer, the Auction Room Artesegno will pay back only the same amount she/he paid for covering the balance of the batch.
The Auction Room Artesegno acts as a representative of the sellers and disclaims any liability with regard to the description of the batches contained in catalogues, on the site and any other illustrative material, the above descriptions, as well as any claim or illustration are purely indicative and cannot generate loans of any kind in the Contractors.
The Auction Room Artesegno is not responsible for the authenticity of the batches offered during the auction. For this reason, it’s not provided to the Buyer-Contractor, in respect of the above-mentioned defects, no implicit or explicit warranty with regard to the batches purchased. The works are sold with the authentic signs of the accredited beings at the time of purchase. The Auction Room Artesegno, therefore, cannot be liable in any way and for any reason in case those changes occur in people and members accredited to issue authentic signs concerning the various works. All batches, subjects of the auction, will be visible in the Headquarters of the Auction Room Artesegno in the ten days preceding the auction in order to allow a deep examination of them. After the award, the Auction Room Artesegno cannot be considered responsible for errors relating to the state of conservation, for the wrong attribution, authenticity and origin.
In case of legal disputes, such as artfully counterfeit items, presented in writing form within 10 days from the sale, the Auction Room Artesegno will reimburse the sum actually paid by the Buyer excluding any and all greater damage that cannot be assigned to the Auction Rom Artesegno and the sending party.
If the Auction Room Artesegno becomes aware of any claim or right of third parties relating to the ownership, possession or holding of the batch may, at its discretion, retain the batch pending the settlement of the dispute.
The Contractors must comply with any laws or regulations in force in relation to batches having a particularly important interest and for which the procedure declaration is initiated into the article 6 es. of Legislative Decree dd. 29 October 1999, no.490, with particular regard to the arts. 54 et seq. of the same decree. The export of the batches by the Contractors living and non living in Italy is governed by the rules and customs laws, currency and tax in force. The Auction Room Artesegno assumes no liability towards the Contractor with regard to any restrictions on the awarded batches or in respect of any licenses or certificates that the Contractor will get according to the Italian law. The delay or failure to issue any license or authorization is not a case of termination or cancellation of the sale, nor justify the delay in payment of what is due.
If the batches sold during the auction are subject to declaration of interest by the State in accordance with the Legislative Decree no.42 dd. 22 January 2004 and, therefore, subject to its purchase option, the Auction Room Artesegno will communicate it at the opening of the auction and to the Buyer. The sending person will report this sale to the Ministry under article 59 of Legislative Decree D42/2004. The case of non-exercise of purchase option by the said Ministry, within 60 days of receipt of the complaint, makes the sale legitimate. During this period, the batches cannot be delivered to the Buyer according to the article 61 of the Legislative Decree 42/2004. In case of this purchase option, the Auction Room Artesegno will return to the Buyer the price paid for the award.
These Sale Conditions are automatically accepted by all who participate to the auction. The Contractors assume legal responsibilities arising after the purchase. For any dispute it shall be determined exclusive the jurisdiction of the Court of Udine.
The buyer claims to give his/her consent under article 23 of Legislative Decree 30.06.2003 No. 196 in order to transfer his/her personal information and declares to have received the information as indicated by the article 13 of Legislative Decree 30.06.2003 no.19.
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