Vente Arts Russe et Européen des XIXe et XXe siècles chez Auction House Sovcom : 208 lots
25 octobre 2012  -  208 lots

Arts Russe et Européen des XIXe et XXe siècles chez Auction House Sovcom

Auction House Sovcom Schepkina str., 28, Moscou 129090, Russie 129090 Moscou (Russie) RU
Auction House Sovcom : Arts Russe et Européen des XIXe et XXe siècles 25 octobre 2012  
Auction House Sovcom : Arts Russe et Européen des XIXe et XXe siècles 25 octobre 2012  

Informations sur la vente

Schepkina str., 28, Moscou 129090, Russie 129090 Moscou (Russie)
Le 25 Octobre a 19h (heure de Moscou)
Karina Borisenok
Anastasia Sirenko

Pour tout renseignement complémentaire, veuillez contacter la Maison de Ventes au +7 495 684 91 91.

Date d'exposition

Du jeudi 11 au jeudi 25/10/2012 de 10h à 19h (lundi - vendredi) et de 11 h à 18h (samedi - dimanche).

Conditions de vente


Auction House SOVCOM Limited

1. The organizer

The Organizer of the auction is Auction House SOVCOM Limited During the auction the Organizer acts through the secretary, alias - through its authorized representatives.

2. Bidders

Bidders of the auction may be:
- any physical person, fully competent of legal age (18 years);
- any legal person, whose agents is to provide to the Organizer its letter of attorney authorizing it to participate in the auction and letter of guarantee to pay for any purchased lot (lots) to the Organizer`s agent before beginning of the auction. If the Bidder does not purchase any lots, the above documents will be returned thereto.

3. Auction procedure

All works offered for sale are represented both in catalogue and at pre-auction exhibition in premises of the Auction House SOVCOM at: Moscow, 129090, ulitsa Shchepkina, bld. 28. Visitors of auction all welcomed to see lots during the Gallery work hours. Also, bidders of the auction have opportunity to see lots just before beginning of the auction in the premises of the auction. The auction catalogue contains description of all offered items, brief data on authors and estimated price for each lot. All bidders are advised to familiarize with the lots, as well as to get any consultation from the Gallery officials, if necessary.

Should any buyer failed to familiarize oneself with exposed lots before start of the auction, it shall not have any claims against the Organizer in course of the auction, neither in course of the payment and receipt of the purchased lot(s).

All lots are offered during the auction in order they are provided in the catalogue. The Organizer reserves the right to withdraw any lot offered for sale without any reason. In course of the auction such right shall be delegated to Secretary. Lots are offered for sale by the auctioneer, which announces title, number and starting price thereof. Starting price usually makes three fourths of the lower assessed value of the lot indicated in the catalogue. Nevertheless it may be fixed by the auctioneer notwithstanding such rule. To participate in the auction with items estimated over 1.000.000 Russian roubles, the auctioneer or secretary, acting in course of the auction, may ask for deposit of 10% of the price for corresponding lot. The above rule does not apply to accredited bidders of the auction. Regular bidder of the auction may submit such application for accreditation to the Organizer within 1 (one) day before the auction. The Organizer shall take decision on accreditation or refusal thereof within 5 days since submission of the application. Such decision shall be final and not subject to any dispute.

Bidders may take part in the auction personally, absently or by phone.

Personal participation
To participate personally all visitors shall register before the auction and get a registration card. Registration card is the only document authorizing bidder to take part in the auction. If any bidder grants its registration card to any third party, such bidder shall be liable for any actions the latter may take.

Participation by phone
If any person wishes to participate in the auction but has no opportunity to do it personally, he/she may participate by phone and submit the corresponding application for participation by phone in the auction. Such bidder shall indicate numbers and titles of lots it has selected and leave a deposit of 10.000 Russian roubles. The deposit will be returned promptly should such bidder refuse to take part in the auction. Bidders will be assigned a code number as equivalent of a registration card. Before start of the auction, each such bidder will be contacted by Gallery`s official via the specified telephone number to represent its interests in course of the auction.

Absent participation
If any person wishes to participate in the auction but has no opportunity to do it personally or by phone, he/ she may submit the corresponding application for participation by phone in the auction. Such bidder shall fill the application form, specify numbers and titles of its selected lots and the maximum price, he/she is ready to pay therefor. Also, each absent bidder shall leave a deposit of 10.000 Russian roubles. The deposit will be returned promptly should such bidder refuse to take part in the auction.

Application forms can be ordered via telephone number +7(495)684 9191.

The bids are stored in sealed envelopes and are opened before start of auction. In case two equivalent and the highest prices are offered for the same lots, the winner will be a bidder whose bid was received first. The Gallery`s official will take every effort to obtain the lot indicated by the absent bidder at a minimal price.
Raising of the card means the bidder`s unconditional and irrevocable assent to buy the offered at the announced price. Every subsequent raising of cards by bidders means their assent to buy the lot at a price that exceeds the last one announced.

If otherwise has not been announced, each raising of the price for offered lot by auctioneer shall be equal to 10%. The auctioneer may fix different value of the increment and must inform the bidders on such action. Any bidder has the right to make an offer to buy a lot at any arbitrary price that exceeds the previous price offer by more than an increment. In such event, any further offers cost shall be started from the price offered by such bidder. Bidding for particular lots may be arranged as Dutch auction and in that case the auctioneer is to give notice in advance. The auctioneer begins with a high asking price which is lowered until some bidder is willing to accept the auctioneer`s price by raising the card. The first bidder, which raises the card, is considered to be a purchaser of the lot.
With hit of the auctioneer`s mallet, the buyer and the highest price of the lot sold shall be determined. The winner shall be the bidder, which was the last to raise its card, or which proposed a higher price against the absent bidder. In case the highest price offer from the bidder, which participates personally, is equal to the offer of the absent bidder, the absent bidder`s offer shall be considered as winning. Thereafter, such sales transaction shall be deemed concluded and its withdrawal or introducing of any additional terms and objections shall not be possible. Any refusal to pay for the lot shall be followed by a liability to settle penalty at 20% of the lot value. If during the auction no numbered cards have been raised, either no absent bids were made regarding any lot, such lot shall be withdrawn from the auction.Besides a price for the lot, the purchaser is to pay an auctioneer`s fee totaling: 10% of the final price fixed as a result of the auction (hammer price). The buyer understands and gives its unconditional consent to pay a price for the lot and the auctioneer`s fee.
Secretary of the auction shall be the only representative of the Organizer entitled resolve any disputes and disagreements in course of the auction.
Any promotion, photo or filming, audio- or video recording in the auction premises are permitted only if prior coordinated with the auctioneer.
The Organizer or the Secretary, acting on behalf of the latter during the auction, reserve the right to refuse any bidder to take part in the auction without stating any reasons.

4 . Settlement procedure and receipt of the purchased items.

Lot prices are cited in RUR (Russian roubles). Payment for lots may be effected during the auction or immediately upon completion thereof. Upon agreement with the secretary bidders may leave the deposit of 30% of the price for purchase lots on the auction day and pay off the rest amount within the following seven days. At the same time, such paid deposit shall be included into the cost of the purchased. The property right for the lot will pass to the bidder of the auction after full payment is made. Should the items have not been paid for upon seven days, the deposit will not be returned and the items will remain at the disposal of the Organizer.

Payment may be effected in cash (RUR), by Visa, Master Ñard, American Express, Dinners Club, JCB Card. If payment is made by credit card all the extra chargers taken by payment systems are paid by the buyer.

5. The Auction House SOVCOM Limited Guarantee

The Auction House SOVCOM Limited makes all the best in order to give true and reliable information on items offered for sale. Most works undergo expert examination and are accompanied with certificates o the State Scientific Institute of Restoration, the Tretyakov State Gallery, the State Museum of the East, the Academician Grabar All-Russian Scientific and Restoration Center and the Bakhrusin State Museum of the Theatre, State Russian Museum.

Auction catalogues shall be referred to as the source of reliable data on offered works. Only such information may be deemed as received from the Organizer.

Following the international auctions practice, the Organizer keeps the principle "Caveat Emptor" (Latin - `let the buyer be vigilant`, and each buyer acts at his own risk), according to which the buyer, having satisfied oneself as to the quality of the work, bears personal liability for its choice after the purchase. The Organizer strongly recommends all bidders to thoroughly familiarized with the works of their concern. No claims on the purchase items purchased shall be accepted after the auction.

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Auction House Sovcom

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