Vente Bijoux et Montres - Joaillerie Ancienne provenant d'une Collection Vénitienne chez CURIO : 261 lots
27 mars 2019  -  261 lots

Bijoux et Montres - Joaillerie Ancienne provenant d'une Collection Vénitienne chez CURIO

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CURIO : Bijoux et Montres - Joaillerie Ancienne provenant d'une Collection Vénitienne 27 mars 2019  
CURIO : Bijoux et Montres - Joaillerie Ancienne provenant d'une Collection Vénitienne 27 mars 2019  

Informations sur la vente

Vente Online sur le site Vente Online
Le 27 Mars a 16h00
Vente Online sur le site du 19 mars jusqu'au 27 mars à 16h

Expert :
Laura Patrizia Barbieri

Frais de vente : 24%TTC

Pour plus d'informations, veuillez contacter directement la maison de ventes à ou au +39 055 2396546.

Informations Maison de vente


Lungarno A. Vespucci 6/R 50123 Firenze Italie
0039 055 2396 546

Date d'exposition

by appointment only from March 20 to March 27th 2019 in 6/R Lungarno Amerigo Vespucci, Florence, Italy

Conditions de vente

Conditions of Sales
Terms of purchase
Curio srl is charged with selling objects entrusted to them in name and on behalf of owners while acting exclusively in accordance with the customer to transfer the agreed sum for the consigned works. The effects of the sale pertain exclusively to the relationship between Buyer and Seller, without Curio srl taking additional liability apart from those derived from the mandate
The reported estimate expresses a value indicative of the market as developed by our experts and is to be considered as a subjective valuation that could significantly differ from the price which is then formed on the basis of further consideration and other contingent elements.
The Buyer can reserve online the purchase of an offered lot, after which he will contact the Curio srl staff responsible for defining paying agreements and shipping.
To the final price of a single lot, the Buyer shall pay Curio srl an auction commission equivalent to 24%, VAT inclusive, on the final price up to 100.000,00 euro, and 21% for the excess.
Participation in the auction is subject to prior registration by the client, which includes filling out a form with personal details and include a valid identification document, before the sale or in the course of it. The client is then given a username and password that will allow bidding on each lot. Bids will be registered by the system as they arrive. In each case, the computer system of bidding creates automatic emails, or push notifications if using an iOS app, to inform participants on the auction in real time. After the closing date, the purchaser will receive all of the necessary information for the buying of their pieces. Note that to the hammer price will be added the charges of the auction house, as noted in the purchase conditions above, that the participants declare to have read in advance of the sale.
Curio srl is deemed solely responsible for payment by the purchaser. Clients who participate in the auction on behalf of a company are required to have a proxy signed by the legal representative together with an updated business profile outlining the company powers and an identifying document.
The estimates reported in the online catalogue are shown in Euro, are indicative only and may vary. The given descriptions represent subjectively elaborated information and are also meant to be considered as indicative. Curio srl does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the represented information and estimates.
The reserve price corresponds to the lowest determined value with the principal and the good not to be sold below the agreed amount. This value is equal to or less than the minimum estimate reported in the online catalogue.
It is possible to view the lots during the week before the auction sale, at our office, by appointment. The exhibition has the scope to allow for examining the condition and quality of the objects. On this occasion, it will be possible to speak directly with our experts to have information and clarifications concerning any inaccuracies detected in the compilation to the catalogue to be brought to the attention of the staff before the auction. It is possible to request a Condition Report through the website, in the special section with the information sheet on the object, or through email, to receive more information on the conservation status.
Each lot included in the online sale is accompanied with a fact sheet, with includes a detailed description of the object and its state of preservation. The titles of the metals and the weights of precious gems are approximately estimated, unless otherwise indicated. The reported gemological element should be considered as the formulated personal opinions of the gemologist without taking the gems from the frame, except those accompanied by gemological analysis issued by gemological laboratories accredited by the Chamber of Commerice or other Public Entities.
In the information on the watches, the title of metal, the brand, the condition and the eventual visual defects will all be reported; Curio srl is not liable for any hidden defects, or replaced parts/mechanisms.
Curio srl reserves the right to withdraw any lot, to vary the order during the auction and to combine or separate lots.
Curio srl, after the purchase confirmation, will issue an invoice containing details of fees and other accessory expenses incurred and previously agreed.
Successful bidders must complete payment of the lots within seven days from the date of sale. The purchased objects can be collected immediately at our office in Florence, Lungarno Amerigo Vespucci n.6/R, or collected by a courier, with transport expenses paid by the purchaser. The delivery date for the shipped purchases will be agreed between parties according to necessary time used to send the object from Curio srl to the address provided by the buyer.
Curio srl accepts payments, exclusively from purchaser addressed on the invoice, using the following methods:
-Bank Transfer to the Credito Cooperativo Banca di Pistoia
IBAN: IT12I0848621500000000572613
-For Italian clients only: Assegno circolare-Non Trasferibile made out to Curio srl
-In cash: payments in cash can be made up to Euro 999,99 in accordance with Italian Law
In the event that the Buyer nominates a third person to collect the already paid lots, the latter person must have written confirmation from the former, a copy of the identification document of the person delegating and the payment receipt.
The purchaser will take care of collecting all purchased and paid lots at the closing of the procedure. Curio srl will be exonerated from any liability with regard to the custody or any impairment of uncollected objects. Curio srl, in addition, reserves the right to charge a weekly storage cost of euro 20,00.
Curio srl allows, in all appropriate offices, the collection of the accrued auction house charges which have been awarded online and not withdrawn.
Curio srl presents lots on the online catalogue, with each accompanied by a description containing details on visible imperfections related to the conservation status of the object. Curio srl is not liable for hidden defects or damages at the time that the goods are put for sale.
Any complaints or notices of withdrawal of the purchase must be communicated by writing a registered letter to A/R a Curio srl, Lungarno Amerigo Vespucci 6/R, Florence. The notice of withdrawal must also be sent in advance by email to The right of withdrawal will be exercisable within fourteen days from the date of the physical acquisition of the object by the consumer (Decr. Leg. 21 February 2014, n. 21 - dir.2011/83/UE, art. 52). In the event of a complaint about the veracity of the materials and of the signature of the purchased object, the purchaser must substantiate this claim with a report written by an approved expert in the subject. Opinions by unqualified persons will not be taken into consideration. Curio srl reserves the right to open a debate with a qualified expert elected by the auction house and a qualified expert appointed by the purchaser. A claim recognized by Curio srl will result in the return of the price paid. The shipping charges for returning the item to Curio srl will be borne by the buyer. In case of withdrawal, reimbursement by Curio srl will take place after the return to their location of the purchased goods (Decr. Leg. 21 February 2014, n. 21 - dir. 2011/83/UE, art. 56).
The buyers are required to comply with all of the laws and regulations in relation to the objects, subject to notification, with particular reference to L. n. 1089 del 1 June 1939. The export of the objects/works is regulated by legislation, customs laws and tax regulations. Curio srl disclaims any liability to any purchaser with regard to any restrictions on export of the sold lots. The purchaser shall not, in the case of exercising the right of refusal by the state, demand refund or compensation from Curio srl or the Seller.
Failure to obtain the appropriate authorisation for export of the purchased pieces outside of the Italian and European territories, on the basis of existing legislation, does not imply any right to reimbursement of any amounts paid by Curio srl.
The cost of providing the necessary export documents and/or licenses (Attestato di Libera Circolazione) is the responsibility of the purchaser.
These Purchase Conditions are automatically accepted by the auction participants. Any disputes are under the jurisdiction of the Court of Florence.

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