Vente Horlogerie, Antiquités, Bijoux chez Casa delle Aste Meeting Art s.p.a. : 131 lots
11 septembre 2022 à 13:00 11/09/22  -  131 lots

Horlogerie, Antiquités, Bijoux chez Casa delle Aste Meeting Art s.p.a.

Casa delle Aste Meeting Art s.p.a. Corso Ada 7-11, 13100 Vercelli (Italie) IT
Vente terminée
Casa delle Aste Meeting Art s.p.a. : Horlogerie, Antiquit... 11 septembre 2022 à 13:00 - Terminée  
Casa delle Aste Meeting Art s.p.a. : Horlogerie, Antiquit... 11 septembre 2022 à 13:00 - Terminée  

Informations sur la vente

Corso Ada 7-11, 13100 Vercelli (Italie)
Le 11 Septembre à 13h00
Viewing days and times
da Martedì 6 Settembre 2022
dal Martedì al Venerdì: 09,30/12,30 – 14,30/18,30
Sabato e Domenica: 12,00 - 19,00
Lunedì: CHIUSO

Pour tout renseignement, veuillez contacter la Maison de Ventes au 0039 0161 2291,

Frais de vente

Les frais par défaut pour cette vente s’élèvent à 25% TTC

Date d’exposition

A partir du 6 septembre, du mardi au vendredi de 9h30 à 12h30 et de 14h30 à 18h30 et le samedi et dimanche de 12h à 19h, fermé le lundi

Conditions de vente

The following translation is for courtesy purposes only; for any inconsistency, the Italian version shall prevail.

All the auctions are subject to the conditions of sale printed in the catalogue Meeting Art strongly recommends the Bidders to read carefully this section, as it contains the purchase conditions of all properties in auction.

The estimate price is printed under the description of every lot in the catalogue as a starting bid only and is not inclusive of Buyer’s Premium. The estimates may, at times, approximately represent the lot’s market value. Estimates and starting bids are set well in advance and may be subject to change before the auction.

The reserve price is the confidential minimum auction price, below which a lot will not be sold. At times, the reserve price may be higher than the estimate printed in the catalogue. Meeting Art riserve the rights to place bid(s) in the Seller’s interest, in order to match the reserve price. Is the lots are offered without reserve, these lots are indicated in the catalogue as “SENZA RISERVA” (without reserve).

The Buyer’s Premium will be calculated at 25% of the Hammer price and is required to be paid additionally to the Hammer price.

Meeting Art’s sales are regulated according to commission between private customers or with customers subject to VAT that operate within the margin scheme, as per D.L. 41/895, art. 40 of Italian Law. Meeting Art will not apply VAT neither on services to the Buyers nor on the final hammer price. The VAT will not be applied on valuables bought by private citizens that have previously been subject to VAT nor on valuables temporarily imported, as per current laws. The VAT is refundable only upon producing proof of Extra UE Export within 3 months of the sale date, this needs to be received by Meeting Art within 4 months of the same date. VAT will not be applied on the purchase or on the Buyer’s Premium for non-Italian customers living in a EU Country and for Italian customers who reside in EU countries.

The lots will be displayed to the public free of charge, starting from the Saturday before the before the scheduled date of the auction and during the auction itself. Jewels and Watches will be displayed on the Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays before the scheduled date of the auction and during the auction itself.

In order to place bids during any auction, customers must register and provide a valid identification document, telephone number and privacy agreement. Customers who bid in the salesroom must collect a registration number from the reception. In order to place bids on behalf of a third party it is mandatory to produce a delegation note in writing. All lots will be invoiced to the name and address provided during registration.Meeting Art reserves the right not to accept bids from those who do not have registered 24 hours before the action.

For customers who cannot attend the auction in person, Meeting Art will be pleased to accept bids in writing, via phone or via internet. We would like to remind that this service is totally free, however Meeting Art cannot accept responsibility in case the bids are not placed correctly and/or in case mistakes/omissions were made in compiling the relevant Bidding Forms.
Written bids
Bids received in writing will be placed on behalf of the Bidder at the minimum possible price considering the reserve price and all other bids placed in person. Bids can be submitted to Meeting Art at least 4 hours before the start of the auction by:
- Fax to n. +39.0161.229327-8
- Email to n.
- Post to address as follows: Casa delle Aste Meeting Art S.p.A. Corso Adda, 7/11 13100 Vercelli (VC) Italy
Phone bids
Bids can be submitted via phone before the start of the live auction or during the auction itself by phoning +39.0161.2291. Meeting Art will be pleased to call the Bidder on the phone during the live auction for lots with starting bid equal or greater than € 500,00. Arrangements have to be made prior to the auction with our Bid Offices. The Bidder will be required a maximum bid, in case of problems with the phone line arising . For lots starting with "SENZA RISERVA" (without reserve) the customer may also be contacted during the live auction, however an offer has be placed and a phone call needs to be specifically requested by the Bidder for this to take place. In case a greater bid is placed by another Bidder during the auction, Bidders will be called back in order to be able to make a new relevant higher bid.
Internet bids
To be able to submit bids via the Internet, customers need to be registered (please see above). After registering, customers will be able to access our web services via our website, choosing a user name and password. Upon confirmation from Meeting Art, customers will then be able to submit bids through the relevant link on our Home Page. For new customers, who never bought, there is a limit of 5.000 e for web offers. Therefore, it is always possible to make superior offers by phone.

The starting bid of each Lot is printed under the description of the Catalogue. For lots without reserve, bidding generally opens at a minimum of € 50,00 and the increase of each following bid is € 50,00.
€ 500,00: € 50,00
€ 1.000,00: € 100,00
€ 2.000,00: € 200,00
€ 3.000,00: € 300,00
€ 4.000,00: € 400,00
from € 5.000,00 to € 9.000,00: € 500,00
€ 10.000,00: € 1.000,00
€ 20.000,00: € 2.000,00
€ 30.000,00: € 3.000,00
€ 40.000,00: € 4.000,00
from € 50.000,00 to € 99.000,00: € 5.000,00
from € 100.000,00 and above: € 10.000,00
The above increases are always at the auctioneer’s discretion.

After the lots are knocked down to the highest bidder, the buyer has the full responsibility on the purchase. The results of the sale will be published after the auction. Buyers must pay the final price of the lot plus buying premium and VAT whereas applicable, within seven days from end of auction. The lots must be collected within fifteen days from the end of the auction; lots not collected after this deadline will be subject to insurance and custody surcharges od e 1,00 per day per each single lot. After the lots have been displayed and bought at auction, we regret that any complaints about integrity of any object cannot be accepted.

- Cash payment
- up to € 999,99. - Bank Draft - subject to prior verification with Bank of emission
- Cheque - subject to prior arrangement with our Administration Department
- Wire transfer to:
Piazza Zumaglini, 13 - 13100 Vercelli (VC)
C.C. n° 509580 – A.B.I. 03431 – C.A.B. 10000 – CIN C
IBAN IT04 C0343 1100 0000 0000 509 580

The lots will be collected at the Buyers responsibility and risk after payment ah been received in full as above. Meeting Art will not assume responsibility for damages following modifications, mending or restoration requested by the customer.

If the Buyer authorizes a third party to collect the lot(s), it is required that a written authorization of delegation note is produced, together with a photocopy of the Buyer’s ID and a receipt from Meeting Art’s Administration.

Please see “Terms and conditions of sale”, paragraph 7. EXPORT Please see “Terms and conditions of sale”, paragraph 9.

For further information: Casa delle Aste Meeting Art S.p.A. Corso Adda, 7-11 13100 Vercelli - Italy T. +39 0161 2291 | F. +39 0161 229327
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Casa delle Aste Meeting Art s.p.a.

Corso Adda 7 13100 Vercelli Italie
0039 0161 2291

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