Vente Valuable Books, Decorative Prints & Autograph Letters chez Galerie Bassenge : 2957 lots
18 octobre 2014 18/10/14  -  2957 lots

Valuable Books, Decorative Prints & Autograph Letters chez Galerie Bassenge

Galerie Bassenge Galerie Bassenge - Erdener Strasse 5a - 14193 Berlin-Grunewald Berlin-Grunewald DE
Vente terminée
Galerie Bassenge : Valuable Books, Deco... 18 octobre 2014 - Terminée  
Galerie Bassenge : Valuable Books, Deco... 18 octobre 2014 - Terminée  

Informations sur la vente

Galerie Bassenge - Erdener Strasse 5a - 14193 Berlin-Grunewald Berlin-Grunewald
Le 18 Octobre à
Vente du 15 au 18 octobre

Pour tout renseignement, veuillez contacter la Maison de ventes au +49 (0)30 89380290,

Date d’exposition

Les 9, 10, 13 et 14 octobre de 10h à 18h, le 11 octobre de 10h à 14h

Conditions de vente

Conditions of Sale
1. The Galerie Gerda Bassenge (or Bassenge Buchauti
onen GbR, or Bassenge Fotoauktionen GbR, resp ) sub
sequently called “the auctioneer”
carries on business as commission-agent in its own
name on behalf of its voluntary consignors. This au
ction sale is a public one in the sense of § 383
2. The auctioneer reserves the right to combine, t
o split, to change or to withdraw lots before the a
ctual final sale.
3. All objects put up for auction can be viewed an
d examined prior to the sale at the times made know
n in the catalogue. The items are used and
sold as is. Catalogue descriptions are made with as
much care as possible, but the descriptions do not
fall under the statutory paragraph for
guaranteed legal characteristics. The auctioneer is
not liable for any defects. The liability for dama
ge to life, body or health shall remain unaffected.
In case of a justified claim, however, he will acce
pt the responsibility to make a claim for restituti
on on behalf of the buyer against the consignor
within a period of 12 months, running from the fall
of the hammer. In the event of a successful claim
the auctioneer will refund the hammerprice
plus premium.
4. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctione
er shall be deemed the buyer. In case of identical
bids the buyer will be determined by
drawing lots. In the event of a dispute the auction
eer has the absolute discretion to reoffer and rese
ll the lot in dispute. He may also knock down
lots conditionally.
5. In the case of a written bid the bidder commiss
ions the auctioneer to place bids on his behalf dur
ing the auction. In cases where there is a
discrepancy between number and title in a written b
id the title shall prevail.
6. Telephone and direct online bidding via the inte
rnet must be approved in advance by the auctioneer.
The auctioneer cannot be held liable for
faulty connections or transmission failure. In such
a case the bidder agrees to bid the reserve price
of the corresponding lot. For such bidding the
regulations of long distance contracts do not apply
(Fernabsatzverträge) [cf § 312d IV,5 BGB].
7. On the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer title to
the offered lot will pass to the acknowledged bidde
r. The successful buyer is obliged to accept and
pay for the lot. Ownership only passes to the buyer
when full payment has been received. The buyer, ho
wever, immediately assumes all risks when
the goods are knocked down to him.
8. A premium of 28
of the hammer price will be levied in which the VA
T is included (marginal tax scheme) or a premium of
of the hammer
price plus the VAT of 19
of the invoice sum will be levied [books: 7%] (reg
ular tax scheme). Buyers from countries of the Euro
pean Union are
subject to German VAT.
Items marked with an
are subject to the regular tax scheme (premium of
20% of the hammer price plus the current VAT of 19%
Items marked with an
are subject to import duty. In these cases in addi
tion to the premium (marginal tax scheme), the char
ged import tax of
currently 7% will be added to the hammer price.
Exempted from these rules are only dealers from EU-
countries, who are entitled, under their notificati
on of their VAT ID-Number, to buy on the
basis of VAT-free delivery within the European Unio
n. Notification of VAT ID-Numbers must be given to
the auctioneer
the sale.
For buyers from non EU-countries a premium of 20
will be levied. VAT will be exempted or refunded o
n production of evidence of exportation
within 4 weeks of the auction, or, if appropriate,
importation to another country. This is taken as gi
ven when the dispatch is effected by us.
Live bidding through external online platforms enta
ils a transaction fee stipulated by the platform an
d will be added to the premium.
Due to the work overload of the accounting departme
nt during auctions, invoices generated during or di
rectly after an auction require careful
revision and possible correction; errors excepted.
9. Auction lots will, without exception, only be ha
nded over after pay
ment has been made. C
redit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express),
checks and any other form of non-cash payment are a
ccepted only on account of performance. Any exchang
e rate risk and all bank charges shall be
borne by the buyer. Storage and dispatch are at the
expense and risk of the
buyer. If the shipping costs exceed the lump sum on
the invoice the
outstanding amount will be billed separately.
10. The buyer is liable for acceptance of the goods
and for payment. The purchase price shall be due f
or payment upon the lot being knocked down
to the buyer. In case of a delayed payment (two wee
ks after the sale) the purchaser will be held respo
nsible for all resultant damages, in particular
interest and exchange losses. In case of payment de
fault the auctioneer will charge interest on the ou
tstanding amount at a rate of 1% to the gross
price per month or part of month. In such an event
the auctioneer reserves the right to annul the pur
chase contract without further notice, and to
claim damages from the buyer for non-fulfilment, ac
cordingly he can re-auction the goods at the buyer’
s expense. In this case the buyer is liable for
any loss incurred, the buyer shall have no claim if
a higher price has been achieved. He will not be p
ermitted to bid.
11. The place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is Be
rlin. German law applies exclusively; the UN-Treaty
(CISG) is explicitly excluded.
12. The prices quoted after each lot are estimates,
not reserves.
13. The after-sales is part of the auction in which
the bidder places either by telephone or in writte
n form (as stated in number 5 and 6) the order to
bid a set amount.
14. By making a bid, either verbally in the auction
, by telephone, written by letter, by fax, or throu
gh the internet the bidder confirms that he has
taken notice of these terms of sale by auction and
accepts them. Agents who act on behalf of a third p
arty are jointly and separately liable for the
fulfillment of contract on behalf of their principa
15. Should one or the other of the above terms of s
ale become wholly or partly ineffective, the validi
ty of the remainder is not affected. In the event
of a dispute the German version of the above condit
ions of sale is valid.
Tilman Bassenge
Attested public auctioneer
As of March 2014
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