Vente Vinyles rares et de collection et photographies chez VINYL BAZAR : 99 lots
du 12 au 25 septembre 2019  -  99 lots

Vinyles rares et de collection et photographies chez VINYL BAZAR

VINYL BAZAR Vente Online Moscou RU
Du 12 Septembre au 18 Septembre 19h
VINYL BAZAR : Vinyles rares et de collection et photographies du 12 au 25 septembre 2019   Fermeture des enchères le 25 septembre 2019 – adjudication du 1er lot : 19h00
VINYL BAZAR : Vinyles rares et de collection et photographies du 12 au 25 septembre 2019   Fermeture des enchères le 25 septembre 2019 – adjudication du 1er lot : 19h00

Informations sur la vente

Vente Online Moscou
Du 12 Septembre au 18 Septembre 19h
Frais de vente / Buyer’s Premium : 25% TTC

Pour tout renseignement veuillez contacter la Maison de vente au :+74997450799 ou par email :

Conditions de vente



1.1 The organizer of auction sales is the individual entrepreneur Dmitry Payuk, hereinafter referred to as “Organizer” or “Vinyl Bazar Auction House ” The online auctions are conducted via the Internet on the website, hereinafter referred to as “the Website.”

1.2 Vinyl Bazar Auction House in its activities abides by the rules, regulations, and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

1.3 The Auction House acts as an agent on behalf of the consignor.

1.4 Adult individuals in legal capacity or corporate bodies can participate in auction sales.

1.5 The terms listed above apply to all aspects of the relationship between the Organizer and the Participant regarding purchases, sales, valuations, cataloging, and warehousing.

1.6 Any deviation to these terms may be possible only with the written agreement signed by both Parties.


2.1 To participate in auction sales, bidders should register online before the sale. The registration is free of charge and implies the Participant’s acceptance of the terms and conditions corresponding to the relevant regulations of article 438 of the Russian Civil Code.

2.2 To register for the sale go to the Website, click on Registration at the top right and enter your first name, last name, email address, as well as password and nickname you will use to access auction sales.

2.3 Registration data is strictly confidential and is accessible only to the Participant and the administration of the Auction House. Only the Participant can modify the password used at the moment of registration at any moment.

2.4 Any bid placed via a personal account is considered as a binding offer made by the individual to whom this personal data belongs. If you believe that your confidential data may have fallen into the hands of third parties, please contact the Organizer directly.

2.5 You will receive a confirmation email after registration.

2.6 The Organizer reserves the right to deny the Participant registration without explanation.

2.7 The Auction House has the right to request the potential bidder to provide the documents confirming his identity, account statements, and other financial records assuring the solvency of the Participant.


3.1 The dates of online auctions are indicated in the section Auction Calendar, Moscow Time.

3.2 Active Online Auction catalogs are published in the section Auction N° where admitted participants can place bids.
3.3 The Organizer provides all photos and descriptions of published lots on the Website. Nevertheless, it is strongly advised to attend the presale exhibitions for direct review. The presale exhibitions schedule is available on the Website or at 007-916-311-17-01; 007-499-745-07-99.

3.4 Bid Increments Table
From ?500 to ?2 000: increment ?100
From ?2 000 to ?5 000: increment ?200
From ?5 000 to ?10 000: increment ?500
From ?10 000 to ?20 000: increment ?1000
From ?20 000 to ?50 000: increment ?2 000
From ?50 000 to ?100 000: increment ?5 000
From ?100 000 to ?200 000: increment ?10 000
From ?200 000 to ?500 000: increment ?20 000
From ?500 000 to ?1 000 000: increment ?50 000
More than ?1 000 000: increment ?100 000

3.5 Online Auction Sales happen exclusively on the Internet. The auction closing time is specified on each lot card. If a bid is placed within five minutes of the closing time of a lot, five additional minutes will be added to the designated closing time for that lot. Please note that the extension of one lot’s closing time does not affect other lots’ closing times.

3.6 The Organizer reserves the right to annul the results of an auction sale in the event of technical problems caused by the third parties and affecting the normal functioning of the Website during the closing of an auction sale.

3.7 The Organizer reserves the right to withdraw any lot from an auction sale at own discretion.

3.8 All prices are indicated in Russian Rubbles (?).

3.9 The payment for acquired lots should be made in Russian Rubbles (?).

3.10 The official language of the Auction House is Russian.

3.11 The successful bidder is the Participant placed the highest bid on the lot.


4.1 To participate in an Online-Only Auction, you have to register on the Website, log in to your account and access the page of an ongoing auction sale or a particular lot.

4.2 To place your bid, click on Bid, thus increasing the current bid by the current bid increment. If you want to place a bid that exceeds the current bid increment, please select Alternative Bid and enter the desired amount before pressing the Bid button.

4.3 You can leave an absentee bid using Autobid service. To place an absentee bid, please enter the maximum bid amount you wish to go up to in the corresponding field. Upon the receipt of bids from other Participants, your current bid will be automatically increased by the minimum bid increment up to the indicated absentee bid amount.

4.4 You can find all information concerning placed bids and selected lots by logging in your account at the top right, Favorites and My Bids sections.

4.5 You can add lots to your Favorites section by clicking on Add to Favorites on the item card. You can place bids on your favorite lots directly from your Favorites section in your account.

4.6 All successful bidders will receive an automatic confirmation email upon the awarding of lots at the closing of an online auction.
4.7 You can find all the unsold items on the webpage Aftersale one hour after the closure of an online auction. You can directly purchase the unsold items at their starting price. Buyer’s Premium on the unsold items is 25%. A separate invoice concerning only the Aftersale items will be emailed to you.


5.1 Buyer’s premium is 25% on the hammer price of a lot. The awarded lots must be paid within seven business days since the end of an auction sale.

5.2 You can pay the acquired lots:
- in cash
- by wire transfer
- by card: VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, JCB, UnionPay
You can find the sum due to pay in the invoice issued by the Organizer.

5.3 The Participant will bear late payment interest of ?300 per each extra day in case he fails to pay the awarded lots within 14 business days following the closure of the sale or no other payment date was agreed with the Organizer.

5.4. In case of Participant's transaction refusal the Organizer reserves the right to: disallow the Participant in subsequent auctions, share the relevant information with other Auction Houses, demand a 25% penalty from the Participant off the purchase sum, apply to the court for moral and material damage compensation in accordance with the current Russian legislation.

5.5. In case of Participant's transaction refusal the Organizer declares the lot’s trade void and, at his discretion, may expose the lot for subsequent auctions or return it to the Seller.


6.1. The Participant can pick up the lot at the office or order a delivery. The Delivery is executed at the Buyer’s expense.

6.2. Delivery is performed by the courier service "????". The Delivery is executed to the Named recipient only to any address in Moscow, Russian Federation or worldwide. The recipient pays for delivery to the courier upon receipt. You send a letter with the exact delivery address, we inform you the departure parameters (weight and cost). If everything suits you, then we issue an order in the company "????" and inform the order data (number and waiting period).

6.3. All items pending the shipment will be decently packed.

6.4. The lots may be handed over or shipped only when paid in full.


7.1. The objects’ condition (vinyl records) is described only from visual criteria and characteristics according to a strict British assessment system (BAS).

7.2. The objects’ condition (vinyl records) is described only from visual criteria and characteristics according to a strict British assessment system (BAS).


8.1. Internet and Insite auctions processing is controlled by law firm.
8.2. The Auction House "Vinyl Bazar" shall make all necessary arrangements to provide the reliable information on the exposed items.

8.3. Items sold at auction are not refundable and exchangeable.

8.4. The items (arts and autographs only) confirmed with expert assessment by the time of auction do not allow disclosing a statement of their possible forgery.

8.5. The Paticipant must apply the statement on the purchased item's forgery within 6 (six) months since the date of auction and support it with at least two different independent expert reports issued by authorized organizations or experts.

8.6. In case the item’s forgery is conclusively proven, it must be delivered to the Organizer in the same condition as it was sold on the day of auction, without any changes or interventions.

8.7. The Organizer refunds such item to the Buyer as soon as the sum is received from the Seller who submitted the item for the auction.

8.8. The refund guarantee is applied only directly to the Buyer that must be confirmed by the relevant documents. The returned item must be exempt from real obligations that the Buyer must also confirm.

8.9. The Auction House "Vinyl Bazar" guarantees the confidentiality of information about the Buyer's name, location, the purchased lots and their value and all other personal data completed at registration.
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