Vente Collection Marc Enguerand, Photographies chez Joron-Derem : 201 lots
11 février 2007  -  201 lots

Collection Marc Enguerand, Photographies chez Joron-Derem

Joron-Derem Drouot Richelieu - Salle 12 - 9, rue Drouot - 75009 Paris Paris FR
Joron-Derem : Collection Marc Enguerand, Photographies 11 février 2007  
Joron-Derem : Collection Marc Enguerand, Photographies 11 février 2007  

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Drouot Richelieu - Salle 12 - 9, rue Drouot - 75009 Paris Paris
Le 11 Fevrier a 14h30
Le Théâtre, l'Opéra, le Cinéma, le Music hall, la Danse, la Politique et la Vie Parisienne, des années 30 aux années 70.
Collection de Photographies en tirage barytés, numérotées à trois exemplaires et signées.

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75003 Paris
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Theatre, Opera, Cinema, Music Hall, Dance, Politics
And Parisian Life, from the 30’s to the 70’s.
Collection of photographs on baryta prints
Numbered in 3 printings and signed

Marc ENGUERAND was born in Paris, on 1950 September the 16th

He spent his youth in Lebanon, Africa, Gabon, following his father, an aviator.

1967 : he learns photography in a studio in Pointe-Noire, Congo.

1970 : back in Paris, he becomes an independent photographer and performs in Syria a shooting on Palestinian children, entitled “The Revolution Lionets”.

1972 : with great shock he discovers the world of theatre with an ARRABAL’s play, on stage in the Palais de Chaillot. During the Avignon Art Festival, together with Brigitte ENGUERAND, they photograph the plays, stage managers, authors, dancers …

1973: they start an association “The Centre for spreading and documentation on entertainment” and work free-lance for French newspapers (Nouvel Observateur, Humanité, Express, Elle, Le Figaro, Libération, Le Point, Le Monde …)

Marc ENGUERAND has been working more specifically for Le Monde newspaper for several years. At Colette GODARD’s request, the newspaper published one of his photographs a day. At that time, le Monde published a one and only photograph in the cultural sheets under Danièle HEYMAN’s direction.

In the 80’s, Marc and Brigitte ENGUERAND followed the Festival in Nancy, a creation of Jack LANG, former French Minister of Culture. They met and photographed artists as famous as Kantor, Bob Wilson … They made several exposures, one being mastered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Stage scene”, performed in the 70’s and 80’s. This exposition will thereafter be previewed during the Month for Photography in Thessalonica, Greece, and afterwards shown in all the French cultural centres abroad.

1988: during the Glasnost in Moscow and Petersburg, Brigitte and Marc photographed stage managers, authors, players, like Anatoli VASSILIEV, Lev DODINE …

1991: Marc starts a photographic press agency, the ENGUERAND Illiade Agency with Brigitte ENGUERAND and Catherine AFLALO. This agency gathers several free-lance photographers. Agnès VARDA offers him the direction of her photographic archives for The Avignon Festival and the TNP (National Theatre of Paris) created by Jean VILAR.

The agency is specialised in live shows : theatre, opera, contemporary and classical dance and the world of culture : famous people’s portraits : authors, stage managers, singers, players …

The agency reports help realise shows posters, illustrate cultural sheets in newspapers and books printed by famous French book editors. They also help figure classical publications on theatre, encyclopedias, players, authors and stage managers’ biographies, schoolbooks …

1990: on a trip in Indonesia (Java, Bali), Thaïland, India, he photographs the Ramayana, afterwards staged for Avignon Festival.

1998: On travel in Taïwan and China he gathers lots of show photographs, including the “Peonies Pavilion” in preview for the press and the Fall Festival.

1999: In Argentina, Chile, Brasil, he photographs preview shows on Avignon Stage.

1998: Marc and Armelle ENGUERAND photograph Middle Atlas musicians in Morocco for Fall Festival.

2001: In Warsaw, they realise a shooting on young polish stage directors : Krystof WARLIKOWSKI, Krystian LUPA and in Vilnius on Oskovas KORSU NOVAS.

2001-2006: Marc and Armelle ENGUERAND are in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a shooting on Tango. Those shows are staged on the National Theatre of Chaillot scene.

2000: The ENGUERAND Illiade agency buy the Bernand Press Agency which owns archives on live shows since 1938.

Since 1973, Marc ENGUERAND gathered, along with his discoveries, a photographic collection on live show theme: he regularly printed photographs on baryta or cibachromic paper. His eye mastered a proper style to the agency he created, the ENGUERAND Agency.

Since the buying of Bernand Agency in 2000, he wandered through this photographic collection, unfortunately anonymous, Bernand’s Agency printings being unsigned by their creators. These photographs figure the whole theatre universe with its most famous achievers: from authors to dancers, stage directors, players, since Lifar, Guitry, Camus …

In the days of virtual Internet, Marc ENGUERAND thought important to show these printings, in order to give a tribute to these stage artists, writers and music Hall performers who spent their lives under limelights. These men and women gave dreams to their audience: La Callas, Michel Simon, Maria Casarès, Jacques Brel, Louis Jouvet, Marguerite Duras and others ..

“This work is moving, this livestage history treasure must be known, shared, we should never forget these faces, these stage directions, players, sets, authors, dancers, who gave their lives for the show, for Culture …

Marc ENGUERAND always looked in his photographic choices for emotion, surprise and light. He set his work to the artist’s orders, he made beautiful encounters and managed to capture these beautiful moments: in a studio with Delphine Seyrig, on rehearsals with Antoine Vitez, laughters with Jérôme Savary, a diner with Madeleine Renault and Jean-Louis Barrault, emotions with Marguerite Duras, a huge show with Chéreau, tenderness with Jérôme Deschamp and Macha Makeïff… All these years have been a long and grand history of an eye on others, an esthetic eye showing the line, the light.

“if I should remember one image, it would may be Piaf with her flowers, Ferré with his face, Dubillard and PIéplu with their wonderful universe, Desarthe and his mystery, Adjani and her beauty and kindness, Genet, Chéreau (this photo, I didn’t take on purpose), the hazards of an instant in life, a Paris-Roubaix bicycle race with Yann Paranthoen …

I see Guitry, I see Camus, I see Casarès, I see Genet, I see Montand, I see Duras, I see Michel Simon, I see Serge Lifar and all the others, they’re here, they’re alive, it is Photography, they are here and from now on, history can go on …”

The photographs collection on sale are printed on baryta paper and kingsized : 50 x 60 cm all margins, signed by Marc ENGUERAND’s collection and numbered 1/3 printings.
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Le Théâtre, l'Opéra, le Cinéma, le Music hall, la Danse, la Politique et la Vie Parisienne, des années 30 aux années 70.
Collection de Photographies en tirage barytés, numérotées à trois exemplaires et signées.

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